How the "Shopping Cart" Patent Almost Ruined Online Shopping—And How Newegg Beat It

Newegg just took out one of the biggest patent trolls on the web. A troll so pervasive, it threatened to put out a mafioso lawsuit-insurance tax on basically every online retailer on the internet. Here's how it happened, as told in a great writeup over at Ars Technica. Read More >>

Unflappable Patent Troll Not Satisfied With £260 Million Apple Payday

VirnetX is not a company that, strictly speaking, makes things. It is, instead, a company that collects patents the way joyless millionaires collect hermetically sealed comic books: for profit. And while it just scored an impressive £230 million in a successful Apple lawsuit, it's not stopping there. It's out for a full-on iPhone, iPad, and Mac ban. Read More >>

Nokia Just Sold Hundreds of Its "Essential" Wireless Patents

Sisvel International, the notorious IP management firm that made headlines in 2010 by teaming with Apple and Siemens to call in a police raid at the CeBIT trade show, is rearming itself. The company announced yesterday that it has acquired hundreds of Nokia-owned wireless patents. Who's ready for some litigation? Read More >>


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