Apple Hides Its Latest Samsung Apology With Some Clever Code

The saga of Apple’s court-enforced public apology to Samsung continues. The first, newspaper-printed mea culpa read as too tongue-in-cheek for the judge’s liking. Now it turns out that the follow-up, a condensed contrition on the Apple Store’s UK home page, has come with a few caveats as well. Namely, that you have to go hunting for it. Read More >>

Apple and Google Spent More Money on Legal Fees Than R&D Last Year (And Google Apparently Thinks Apple Wants It That Way)

We've said it on multiple occasions: The American patent system is fucked. And a sprawling feature appearing in today's NY Times—collecting years worth of tech-related patent tragedies and follies—only makes that fact more apparent. But it wasn't just recapping old news; the Times put forth a couple of tidbits, which, if true, are a bit disconcerting for the future of technology. Read More >>

Motorola Reneges on Patent Complaint Against Apple

Without any explanation, Motorola has withdrawn its complaint with the International Trade Commission that Apple is infringing on seven of its patents. Just a guess, but maybe it has something to do with the $1.05 billion dollars Samsung was recently ordered to pay Apple for copying the designs of the iPhone and iPad. Read More >>

Samsung Will Reportedly Sue Apple Over a 4G LTE iPhone 5

The $1.05 billion Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple has not ended the fight between the two companies. In fact, the battle might get even more complicated. According to the Korea Times, Samsung will sue Apple once again over LTE patents the iPhone 5 reportedly infringes on. Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Samsung Throws a Temper Tantrum in Court Battle Against Apple and Leaks Dismissed Evidence to the Press

When a judge decides to dismiss evidence you feel would make your case in a patent lawsuit, you have one of two options: a.) You can sit back and deal with it like a timid little tktkt or b.) you can fire back and choose another public-facing channel to disseminate your information. Samsung chose the latter, opting to send its dismissed slides from its legal battle with Apple to the press, and drawing the ire of the judge overseeing the case. Read More >>

Courts Side with Apple to Block Samsung Galaxy Nexus In the US

First the Galaxy Tab 10.1, now the Galaxy Nexus. Apple has, for the second time in two weeks, convinced the court to bar the sale of a competing Samsung product for patent infringement. Read More >>

Samsung and Apple CEOs Will Meet Today To Talk Possible Settlement

Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Choi Gee-sung will meet in San Francisco today to discuss a potential settlement in the all-out patent battle the two companies are currently engaged in. Read More >>

Samsung and Apple CEOs Will Meet and Hash Out Their Patent Woes

Is there a light at the end of the clusterfuck of a tunnel that is the industry-wide patent wars? According to Foss Patents, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung's chief Gee-Sung Choi will supposedly meet in a San Francisco courtroom within the next 90 days to talk about a possible settlement. Read More >>

Report: Apple Opts for Detente in Patent War Against Motorola and Samsung

Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying he'd go to "thermonuclear war" against patent-infringing Android makers. Now that Jobs is gone, however, Apple appears to be ready to negotiate with Motorola and Samsung. Read More >>

Apple Could Force Motorola to Destroy Devices

Oh patent wars, is there any mellow you can't harsh? A German court just ruled in Apple's favour on a patent that could, theoretically, force Moto to destroy a bunch of its devices. My crystal ball says that won't happen. Read More >>

Samsung Says the Galaxy Nexus Was Designed By Them (And Not from Apple Patents)

Samsung's mobile president, Shin Jong-kyun, had some interesting comments regarding their brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus and ongoing patent war with Apple. He said that the Galaxy Nexus was specifically designed to avoid Apple's patents. In other words, this is finally all Samsung. Read More >>


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