Bill Gates's New Patent Would Keep Glassholes From Spying on Your Screens

Google's big Glass free-for-all has come and gone, but whether or not anyone actually bought the damn thing, cameras are popping up all over the place, and people are starting to get (perhaps rightfully) paranoid. Fortunately there could be tech in the future to save your screens from prying camera eyes. And Bill Gates has the patent. Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Google Has Intervened in the Never-Ending Apple/Samsung Court Battle

The petty squabbling between Apple, Samsung, and countless other phone companies, will not end. It's just lawsuit after lawsuit in a pathetic attempt to gain a pointless moral victory over the competition. Now Google, a company which has mostly stayed out of the whole mess, has come to Samsung's aid to defend the Korean giant from accusations by Apple. Read More >>

Next-Gen Apple EarPods Might Include Motion Sensors for Better Voice Recognition

While many would hope that Apple would just sort out the audio quality of its in-the-box EarPod earphones, a newly uncovered patent suggests the company has bigger plans in mind for its in-ear noise makers. Read More >>

Apple Demands £24 Per Device From Samsung in New Patent Kerfuffle

The Apple and Samsung Patent War is being rebooted for 2014, with this year's blockbuster tech battle seeing Apple demanding a massive $40 per phone in compo from Samsung over claims the Korean giant copied the iPhone's software features. Read More >>

Apple's Transparent Texting Patent Would Help You Walk and Text

We all think we're capable mobile multitaskers, but who hasn't tripped or walked straight into someone while text-walking? A freshly-uncovered Apple patent offers a smart solution for walking when distracted by a heated text debate. Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Fill Your Clown Pockets With a 21:9 Super-Wide Smartphone

A newly uncovered patent suggests that Samsung is exploring the potential of a super-wide, 21:9 inch smartphone. Would this be a mobile-movie watcher's dream smartphone? Read More >>

Apple Sues Chinese Government's Patent Office as Battle for Siri Heats up

Apple's widened one of its patent disputes in China to involve the actual government patent office itself, with reports saying it's taking a fight over rights to use the Siri technology to the State Intellectual Property Office. Read More >>

Apple's Touch-Sensitive MacBook Patent Puts Controls in the Screen Bezel

Ever since the rise of Apple's touchscreen devices, it's seemed only a matter of time until a touchscreen MacBook arrives. But those who wince at finger-smeared screens may not need to worry -- a newly uncovered patent suggests Apple is more interested in revamping the bezel. Read More >>

Apple's Fitness-Tracking Ambitions Go Beyond the iWatch

Lately, all the talk has been about the fitness-tracking, health-monitoring smartwatch that Apple is assumed to be building. But a patent granted to Apple today shows the company wants to get into fitness tracking not just on your wrist, but in your ear, with sensor-laden earbuds to measure your athletic performance. Read More >>

17 Historic Patents That Made Winter Olympic Sports Possible

You might not expect the United States Patent and Trademark Office to be as excited about the Winter Olympics as it is. But this month, the USPTO is releasing historic patents that reveal how winter sports emerged. So, who invented the snowboard? Read More >>

Apple's "iPen" Patent Sounds Like a Stylus Fit for Inspector Gadget

Is there a truly excellent tablet stylus out there? Aside from the JaJa, there's nothing that's come close to replicating the feel of pen and paper, by my reckoning. That doesn't seem a concern for Apple -- if a newly-unearthed patent is anything to go by, writing with any eventual "iPen" would take a back seat. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Scan Your Emotions to Aid Advertisers

Or at least that's what's suggested by Apple's "Inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data" patent, which has just been uncovered. Read More >>

Apple Patents Sapphire Growing, Harvesting and Cutting Methods for Ultra-Tough Displays

Apple's been queuing up at the patent office again, this time filing a list of various methods of creating and cutting pure lumps of sapphire, for use as extra-strong screens in the new technology of the middle-distant future. Read More >>

Apple Patent Reaffirms Rumors of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on enhanced sensors capable of detecting different levels of pressure. Then, a patent popped up adding weight to the rumour. Now, a second patent lends the idea of pressure-sensitive touchscreens yet more credence. Read More >>

Apple's Touch-Friendly, Solar-Powered Laptop Would Be Insane

Hey you, Apple user. Have you been waiting—and waiting and waiting—for Apple to make some face-melting upgrades to the MacBook instead of just bumping the specs every few months? Well, this is it. Maybe. With a capital "M." Read More >>

Apple Patents Solar Sandwich Charger Layer for MacBooks

Apple's been dreaming about the future again, forseeing a world in which the sun still shines through the industrial smog and is strong enough to power and charge a MacBook or iPad battery via a layer of photovoltaic cells. Read More >>


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