New PayPal App Could See the End of the Great British Queue

We Brits may not be global powerhouses in sport, technology, or even culture, but dammit we know how to bloody well queue. As anyone who has been stuck behind a tourist on a Tube station escalator knows full well, it's the one thing we do better than anyone else -- even if we do grumble at the wait. But thanks to PayPal, the demise of the great British queue may be within our grasp. Read More >>

Mastercard's MasterPass Turns Your Phone Into Your Own Personal Checkout Lane

MasterCard is no stranger to high-tech purchasing. Its existing US service PayPass Wallet already lets you tap your credit card on NFC terminals to buy. But the new MasterPass service takes it all to another level, letting you do things like scan barcodes and buy items with your phone, right on the spot. Read More >>

Mega Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Because Of Course It Is

Kim Dotcom's Mega has been trudging on into the future, so far without any sort of considerable pestering from one pesky United States government. In the meantime, Dotcom's been doing his best to beef the service up, offering cash money to anyone who could strengthen its encryption. And now he's taking Bitcoin. Because of course. Read More >>

How to Make Sure You Get Paid When You Design a Website

If the people who hired you to design a website have been dodgy and unreliable about payment, here's a little stunt that will shock their wallets and open their checkbooks: scrap the entire site and kindly demand payment on the website's front page. Your payment should come soon after. Read More >>


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