Oh, Well, if Apple Says Mobile Payments Might Soon be a Thing, Perhaps They Will

Having watched numerous forms of contactless and virtual wallet-based mobile payment systems appear and quickly fail to catch on with cash-happy consumers, Apple might be about ready to step in and show everyone how it's done. So says CEO Tim Cook. Read More >>

Sweden's Homeless Now Accepting Mobile Payments for Local Big Issue Sales

Some homeless folk in Stockholm selling the city's equivalent of the Big Issue are now wired up to accept mobile payments, thanks to a deal to provide them with smartphones and card reader dongles to take money from cashless modern commuters. Read More >>

PayPal Beacon is Your Always-On Money Handing Out Tool

PayPal's stuck another clever little location-aware payment option into its smartphone app, with the Beacon tool letting users pay for items without even having to sigh and pull a mobile out of a pocket. Read More >>

Pay Real Money to Cheat Your Way Through Xbox One's Ryse That Little Bit Quicker

The scourge of in-game payments and endless grinding is set to feature big time in the next-gen consoles, with the developer of Xbox One game Ryse explaining how real-money micro-transations will be used to make multiplayer progress easier. Read More >>

The iPhone and iPad Might Get NFC After All

Apple's long said it's not interested in NFC, rolling out basic on-screen QR code stuff like PassBook instead. But a recent patent filing, for the ability to "gift" people things by bonking phones, shows Apple is actually looking at NFC. Does that mean the iPhone 5S and 5C will come packing the contactless tech? I hope so, because that'll be a very good thing for us all, regardless of who makes your phone. Read More >>

PayPal's Face-Cheque Payment System Now Live in the UK

A small test of PayPal's facial recognition payment system is now live over here, with users able to pay for purchases via a phone app that matches their face with a photo beamed to the shop's cashier. Read More >>

Britain's Bitcoin Pubs Let You Binge-Drink Yourself Unconscious in Complete Anonymity

Four pubs in Hackney, Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough have started accepting Bitcoins as payment for pints, meaning no one's ever going to be able to see the shameful truth of how much that last round cost you. The ultimate in deniability. Read More >>

NFC Use DOWN as Confusion Over Apps, Phones and Systems Puts Everyone Off

The NFC dream would appear to be in tatters at the moment, as data shows that our use of the niche wireless payment system has plummeted by around 40 per cent in terms of transaction value over the last year. We literally can't be bothered working it all out. Read More >>

Shave Minutes Off Your Supermarket Checkout Times With PayPal Check-In

PayPal's location-based payment system is set to launch in the UK this summer, letting those not angrily boycotting the company pay for their stuff without need for cash, cards, chips, PINs, NFC or even a cheque. It'll just work. Read More >>

Tesco: NFC is "Past Its Sell-By Date"

Bad news for those who'd like to see NFC phone payments like Google Wallet actually take off in the UK. The Tesco retail juggernaut has basically said it's a load of crap, and that it's already out of date. It's just not "cool" enough, apparently. Read More >>

FAST TRACK Your Way to the Front of KFC's Queue With its Mobile Shopping App

Need fried chicken and need it very soon? There is an application to help you with that. KFC is now trialling a fully mobile-based shopping and payment system in 10 UK branches, which lets users order their enormous buckets of meat and coleslaw and other assorted fried goods through an app. Read More >>

Hooray! Another New Kind of Mobile Payment System has Launched!

Yes! Awesome news! There's now yet another new way to utterly bewilder the poor old lady in the newsagent by waving your telephone at her instead of handing over some money, thanks to Trinity Mirror going it alone and launching a bespoke mobile app that lets you pay for its newspapers using your mobile. Read More >>

The Future of EA Games Perhaps Won't be a Microtransaction HELL After All

Electronic Arts has moved to quell fears of a world in which continuing a game costs 50p a pop, clarifying reports that claimed "all" of its future games will feature in-app payments. They won't. But they still could. And mobile games will. Read More >>

PayPal's Accidentally Quadruple-Charging Customers

Bought something on PayPal recently, and had your payment taken multiple times, but the seller's claiming he's got no money? Yeah, you're not the only one. A website snafu is causing the big 'Pal to overcharge buyers and not reimburse sellers, and Twitter's getting quite angry about it. Read More >>

"Pay By Text" the Next Big Thing in UK Mobile Money Management

Forget the masses of differing complicated NFC virtual wallets that no one seems to want to use, there's about to be an exciting new modern payment method in town -- the humble SMS message. Read More >>

Man Claims Orange Charged Him £6,875 to Download One TV Programme

Painter and decorator Chris Wilson got a bit of a shock when he came to pay his latest mobile bill, with the kind lady from Orange giving him advance warning something bad was about to happen -- then asking for £6,875 to settle his monthly bill. Read More >>


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