Cold Call Scammer Convicted for Scaring Windows Users Into Paying for Software

Hooray! One of the people behind the "Your computer is leaking personal information" phone scams has been convicted, with Mohammed Khalid Jamil earning a four-month suspended jail term for hiring call centre staff to trick unaware Windows users into paying for bogus malware protection. Read More >>

Watch Dogs' New Release Date Confirmed for May 27th

If you like the Assassin's Creed games, but wish they had more smartphones, cars and security cameras in them, you'll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft's delayed Watch Dogs finally has an official launch date. Wannabe Jonny Lee Millers will be able to hack Watch Dogs' in-game city to a standstill on May 27 2014, on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Yep -- no word on the troubled Wii U version's release. [Ubisoft] Read More >>

Oculus Rift Production Stops as Developer Rush Uses All Components

The maker of the Oculus Rift VR headset has run into some trouble sourcing materials to build the developer hardware it's currently shipping, saying that the frenzy to pick up a dev unit means they've run out of (or can no longer buy) some critical components. Read More >>

Titanfall Hands-On: Do Big Mechs and Jetpacks Make for Big Changes to the FPS Genre?

"Prepare for Titanfall"; three words that have excited me more than any other moment from a next-gen title so far. It's klaxon call to ready you for the imminent sky-dropped arrival of your insane mech in Xbox One and PC exclusive Titanfall. And the fact that those words are uttered a handful of times during each quick-fire round is reason enough to take heed of the hype surrounding the game. Read More >>

This GIF Has Single-Handedly Sold Titanfall for Me

If you're a fan of giant, rideable, butt-kicking robots (and really, who isn't?), and happen to be a PC or Xbox One gamer, then you'll need to drop whatever you're doing and head over to Sign up, and you could be mastering the next-gen heart-stopper before anyone else. Read More >>

Could Mac OS X Have Saved Sony's Vaio PC Business?

Sony is ditching its poorly-performing Vaio PC line, boxing it up and selling it off to Japan Industrial Partners in order to focus on its more-fruitful TV and PlayStation offerings. But could it have been a different story if the company had pursued one of Steve Jobs more pie-in-the-sky ideas? Read More >>

Take the Guesswork Out of First Time PC Building with These YoYoTech Bundles

Building a PC from scratch can be a rewarding and educating exercise, but for the uninitiated it can be a daunting minefield. Will this processor be compatible with this motherboard? Which power supply do I need? What the hell is "RAM"? Read More >>

Toshiba Crammed 5 Computers in its Shape-Shifting Concept 5-in-1 PC

It's a concept but it's a super fun one. Toshiba's shape-shifting 5-in-1 PC somehow manages to be a laptop, a tablet, a convertible tablet, a canvas, and a presentation TV-type device. A few of those five might be redundant (and/or useless), but it's pretty cool to see one computer try to be everything you want it to be. Read More >>

how to
How to Install SteamOS

Valve recently released its Beta version of SteamOS, based on the Debian distro of Linux. Naturally, we were intrigued by its release and wanted to take the new OS for a test run. We've put together a guide on how to install the operating system. Read More >>

Dogs and Guns! Cheapest Places to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

Unleash the dogs of war! Call of Duty: Ghosts launches today, with the annual frag-fest bringing a helicopter-downing mutt along for the ride this time too. Knowing that plenty of gamers will be wanting to get their hands on Infinity Ward's latest shooter, there are deals aplenty floating around UK stores. And we've got the best of them collected here. Read More >>

Does Switching Between Two Different Gadgets Mess You Up?

My kitchen table looks like some kind of laptop turf war right now. On the left, my beloved beater ThinkPad. On the right, a borrowed MacBook. I've been using both all day. It's driving me crazy. Read More >>

Would You Play GTA V on the PC?

430,000 people are pinning their hopes on GTA V hitting the desktop, as PC gamers the world over beg Rockstar to make a PC version of the crime smash via an online petition. Are you pining for GTA V on your PC? Is it the excuse you've been waiting for to buy a new graphics card? Read More >>

Intel Announces a Tiny New Processor for Our Mobile Future

Reports of Moore's Law's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In its opening Developers Forum keynote presentation at San Francisco's Moscone West Center today, Intel unveiled its newest class of minuscule Quark processors. And at 14nm, the Quark could well make most any device smarter. Read More >>

PC Development Legend John "Doom" Carmack Leaves id for Oculus Rift

One of the largest brains in computing is now working for Oculus Rift, with the co-creator of the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake lessening his role at id Software to help out at the new VR gaming headset company. Read More >>

Amazon UK Launches Digital Download Games Shop

Amazon has finally brought its combined digital download gaming shop to the UK, selling big-name titles alongside Steam and EA Origin codes, and also letting users browse and download a selection of free games and utilities. Read More >>

GTA V Might Actually Make It to the PC After All

After showing off some fantastic new gameplay yesterday, Rockstar posted a job advert in Leeds for a bod to "help bring our latest titles to the PC platform". If that doesn't scream GTA V for PC, I don't know what does. Read More >>


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