GTA V Might Actually Make It to the PC After All

After showing off some fantastic new gameplay yesterday, Rockstar posted a job advert in Leeds for a bod to "help bring our latest titles to the PC platform". If that doesn't scream GTA V for PC, I don't know what does. Read More >>

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How to Banish Bloatware from Your PC and Smartphone

You're never going to use the borked trial versions of all these programs that came preinstalled on your new laptop or smartphone, so why should they continue taking up precious hard drive space? Here's how to cut the deadweight out of your operating system. Read More >>

A Whole Tonne of On-Sale PC Games Is Your PS4Gotten Deal of the Day

There's a special place in our heart for the PC gamers, who tend to get ignored in favour of those console-wielding so-called cool kids. Well we say 'no more!' Read More >>

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These Are Probably the Most Amazing In-Game Graphics You've Ever Seen

We've seen some really fancy-looking graphics out of the PS4 and Xbox One launches and E3, but most of it was pre-rendered. That stuff is meant to look awesome as it was rendered elsewhere and is basically just being played like a video. Unfortunately the in-game stuff normally doesn't come anywhere close. Routine's absolutely stunning gameplay trailer is truly next-gen, though. Feast your eyes on this. Read More >>

MicroUSB Stick is the Answer to Phone/Tablet Transfer Woes

Tech company Leef heard you liked putting files on your USB stick, so it put a USB connector on your USB connector so you can transfer files via USB. Micro and standard USB connectors on the same device, in fact, so you can get stuff off your phone without using a cable and computer. Read More >>

Leap Motion Controller Hands-On: The Future Is Magic (Now With Apps!)

Greasy fingers are the bane of touchscreens, obscuring the display behind snail trails of oil and streaks of grime. Forget that mess. Leap Motion has promised hands-free PC navigation for months now, and after some hands-on time we can confirm that the future is here, and it's amazing. Read More >>

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Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself From Online Spying

The recent PRISM-and-GCHQ scandal has validated both the general public's growing unease with creepy spying agencies, and many of the fringe element's accusations about Big Brother's online behaviour. Whether or not it's legal, just knowing that the government can rummage through your online life doesn't sit well with many folks. Here are some simple and effective ways of keeping your digital identity anonymous and your data your own. Read More >>

The Mac Pro Recaptures the Spirit of Classic Workstations of Yore

Early computers were bland beige boxes—meant to blend in with whatever workspace they were placed on. But during the golden age of the super-powerful workstation, designers got wild with form factors and materials that oozed with confidence and no small amount of sass. In some ways, the new Mac Pro returns to that era—and here’s a speculative rendering to prove it. Read More >>

Next-Gen Call of Duty Ghosts Demoed in Glossy 30-Minute Trailer

Activision and Call of Duty Ghosts developer Infinity Ward have put together an exceedingly American advertorial broadcast to promote the game, giving us yet more detail on the much-mocked dog character and, thankfully, a hole stack of next-gen gameplay footage. Read More >>

EA Man Claims Xbox One and PS4 are a Whole "Generation" Ahead of PC

Well that's one way of putting the PC Sim City mess behind you. The aggressive posturing about the power of the next-generation of home consoles comes from EA man Rajat Taneja, the game giant's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, who says Xbox One and PS4 are "a generation ahead" of the best gaming PCs. Read More >>

It's Official: The New Xbox One's Kinect Sensor Is Coming to Windows Next Year

We knew that the Kinect would be coming to Windows eventually, but it looks like Xbox One's groundbreaking new Kinect sensor won't be stuck tethered to a console for long. Microsoft has just announced that the new and improved motion tracking system will definitely be hitting Windows sometime next year — exactly when, though, remains hazy. Read More >>

That Awesome New Xbox One Kinect Is Also Coming to PC

As did the Kinect before it, the new Kinect 2.0 with its insane heart beat-reading powers, is coming to the PC soon too. No exact date was given, but you can look forward to shouting at your Windows 8 box and have it basically know what you're thinking before you do. [Shacknews via TechRadar] Read More >>

Steam Gaming Portal to Reward Players With Freebies for Just Playing Old Games

PC gaming saviour Valve is launching an odd card collection and swapsie system it calls Steam Trading Cards, designed to encourage gamers to play older titles to earn virtual cards to collect and eventually trade for in-game items. Read More >>

Minecrift Combines Minecraft with Oculus Rift to Create Nerd Heaven on Earth

A fan-made Minecraft mod Minecrift has added Oculus Rift support to block-building world sim Minecraft, letting players immerse themselves in the adult LEGO simulator like never before. Read More >>

Genius Game Dev Pranks Pirates With In-Game Piracy Explosion

An incredibly clever bit of anti-piracy work has been implemented by the maker of Game Dev Tycoon, with the developer releasing its own cracked version to the file-sharing web sites -- complete with game-breaking piracy elements that make playing it increasingly futile. Read More >>

Oculus Rift + Multi-Directional Treadmill = Future of Games

The bonkers video embedded above shows one possible future for video games, in which the speed of your armoured space marine is tied in to how fast you are at running. It's the amazing 3D-PC-gaming-system Oculus Rift teamed with a 360-degree treadmill. It's killing pretend people made into a healthy leisure activity. Read More >>


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