Google Might Withdraw From DARPA Robotics Challenge (Phew!)

Google's purchase of bonkers robotics company Boston Dynamics in December prompted lots of hand-wringing: owning a Department of Defense supplier doesn't jive with many people's concept of "don't be evil." At the time, Google said it wasn't interested in becoming a military contractor, and today's rumour seems to confirm that: according to PopSci, Google is withdrawing its teams from the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Read More >>

The US Military is A/B Testing the Future of Warfare

Down some spookily-lit corridor at the Pentagon, there are surely soldiers dreaming about the future of warfare. But, at the National Defense University, some of the nation's top brass are actually playing out the scenarios. In fact, a group of generals just finished a rather innovative year-long wargame. Read More >>

Pentagon Super-Hoarders Waste Billions Buying Stuff They Already Have

If you thought your great aunt Edna was bad, you should meet the super-hoarders at the Pentagon. A new Reuters investigation reveals that various defense agencies can't stop buying stuff they already have. Like, many, many billions of dollars' worth of stuff. Read More >>

The Pentagon Has a Contingency Plan if BlackBerry Goes Belly-Up

While half the technologically-savvy world has moved on to the greener pastures of Android and iOS, the Pentagon's forces still rely on BlackBerry handsets. And if the Canadian smartphone manufacturer goes under, BlackBerry's decline could become an unlikely issue of US national security. Read More >>

Inside the Pentagon's Trillion Dollar F-35 Embarrassment

It's not news that the Pentagon's fated F-35 program is riddled with dilemmas. For more than a decade, it's bumped into roadblock after roadblock. When the planes aren't grounded, they're forbidden to fly in bad weather, combat missions or at night. Vanity Fair just published a lengthy look at just how bad a mess it is. Read More >>

The Pentagon's Putting Its Big Brother Data Collection in the Cloud

News emerged this week that the U.S. Army, which has been collecting biometric data of locals in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to start storing that data in the cloud. Put simply, biometrics is the collection of personal, physical data using devices like retina scanners, and no matter what way you spin the situation, it's a potentially pretty creepy practice. (Do you want the government to take pictures of the inside of your eyeball?) But in a warzone, it seems downright dangerous. Doubly so in the cloud. Read More >>

DARPA's Using Smartphone Guts to Build Cheaper, Smarter Drones Faster

Just a few weeks after President Obama announced plans to scale back the country's drone program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA) announced plans to roll out a program for the rapid development and manufacture of sensors to help power unmanned aerial, land and underwater vehicles. Read More >>

Report: Chinese Hackers Have Stolen Sensitive US Weapon Design Files

According to a confidential report that's been prepared for the US Pentagon, Chinese hackers have stolen blueprints for some of the country's most sensitive advanced weapons systems. Read More >>

Pentagon: Let's Threaten Nuke Strike Against Hackers

Most of us are content keeping hackers away with a firewall and decent password. But the Pentagon isn't nearly content, and in a new report, insists we should keep our nuclear arsenal ready for Internet retaliation. What could go wrong? Read More >>

The Pentagon's Scariest Robot Can Now Hurl Cinder Blocks Your Way

Boston Dynamic's Big Dog was already one of the most advanced — and terrifying! — robots on the planet. Well, it just got scarier, because now it can accurately throw cinder blocks at you while on the march. Read More >>

McKinnon, the "Biggest Hacker of All Time", Walks Free at Last

It looks like the decade-long saga of Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who thoroughly pwned the Pentagon, is finally going to come to an end -- with him dancing off scot free. Read More >>

Pentagon Tells Staff: Stop Surfing Porn Sites at Work

Sometimes work can get tedious—even if your job is one that others may think of as exciting. Which is, apparently, the case at the Missile Defense Agency in the Pentagon, because its staff has been warned to stop watching so much online porn while at work. Read More >>

steve jobs
Steve Jobs’s Pentagon File: Blackmail Fears, Youthful Arrest and LSD Cubes

Steve Jobs thought someone might kidnap his daughter in order to blackmail him, according to a newly released Department of Defense document that was filled out in the 1980s when Jobs underwent a background check for a Top Secret security clearance. Read More >>

This Insanely-Detailed Model Used to Plot Bin Laden's Death Took Six Weeks to Build

This is the once-classified model of Osama Bin Laden's compound—the one used to plan the Navy SEAL raid against the terrorist leader. From a distance, this model could be a piece you'd see in a museum, but in the details, you'll see the painstaking work that went into this tool which helped kill the devil lying inside. Read More >>

For Almost a Year, a Photo of a Random Ensign Hung in the Pentagon Alongside Famous Generals

In the hallowed halls of the Pentagon, next to photos of military greats like Patton, Eisenhower, and Nimitz, once hung a portrait of a Ensign Chuck Hord, a man who, as the plaque on the gilded frame reads, was sadly lost at sea in 1908. Read More >>

The F-22 Is Back in the Sky! And Still Kinda Broken!

Remember when the Pentagon let the F-35 start flying again, even though its underlying defects hadn't been fixed? They just did literally the exact same thing with the F-22 Raptor. Hope you're not worried about oxygen deprivation Read More >>


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