Pepsi Max Stunt Makes for the Scariest Bus Shelter Wait Ever

You wait all morning for a bus, then a tiger, an alien invasion and a sewer-dwelling tentacle monster all come along at once. Read More >>

Pepsi Wants Scent Capsules So Its Bottles Don't Smell Like Plastic

Cracking open a cold bottle of Pepsi, only to be hit by the smells of the chemicals in the plastic container instead of the cola, can ruin the experience. And for a company that's perpetually been a runner-up in the Cola Wars, finding new ways to gain traction with consumers is vitally important. So through a patent application, PepsiCo has revealed a unique aroma delivery system that ensures the first thing you smell is always the product. Read More >>

In China They Have Pepsi Flavoured Crisps

Soft drink-flavoured snacks sound like something invented by a lazy stoner, but apparently chicken wings cooked in Coca-Cola are a popular comfort food in China. So hey, the fact that Pepsi Chicken-flavoured crisps are launching over there isn't that surprising. Read More >>

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What Would Happen If Those Coca-Cola Polar Bears Really Drank It?

I once loved everything about soda / pop / cool drink / whatever you call those cans of amazing refreshing, sweet bubbles—it is magic in liquid form. But of course it comes with the cost of ridiculous amounts of sugar and calories. So I cut back. But for people who don't cut back on the stuff? Watch out. Here's what would happen if those cute Coca-Cola polar bears really drank it. Read More >>

Why You'd Never Know There Was A Mouse In Your Drink

Pepsi is being sued by an American man who claims he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew. Ho-hum, right? But wait, Pepsi came up with the greatest defense ever: you'll never know you're drinking mouse! Read More >>


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