This Extra Button for Your Android Will Let You Program Secret Codes

We were super excited when we heard about Pressy—the extra button for your Android phone—a few months ago. Now its Kickstarter is hella funded, and it's getting one more cool new feature: it can give your phone secret cheat codes. Read More >>

The First of Fifty Trillion Third-Party iPhone GamePads Pictured

Apple's recent opening up of its code to allow third-party peripheral developers to build stuff for its hardware is about to reap rewards, with the first of what will no doubt soon be a flood of plastic gaming controllers appearing for iOS 7 devices. Read More >>

Top Official Samsung Peripherals for your S4

So, you’ve decided to get yourself the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well done – you’ve just made the best smartphone choice out there. Its combination of a large and expansive Full HD screen, slimline chassis and next-generation features make it one of the most advanced smartphones ever. Read More >>

Microsoft Has Two New Mice for Windows 8 Multitasking

First up on the the fancier end is the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, which will be on sale in June. It's £30-odd, connects to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth, and is the first Microsoft mouse with a blue, touch-sensitive Windows button that gives you a couple of shortcuts. Press it and it'll take you directly to the start screen, or use this button to swipe through all the apps you have open. Read More >>

the dreamers
The Slow Death of the Three-Button Mouse

Before the days of sleek surfaces and brushed aluminium, my mouse had three buttons. But that central selector has shrivelled into a runty little scroll wheel; the third nipple of the computing world. Where did it all go wrong? Read More >>

Apple Patents Bonkers Magnetic iPad Holders

Another tantalising glimpse into the future has been offered to us by Apple's patent department, which foresees a world in which we attach iPads to car dashboards, camera tripods and musical stands via the magic of magnets. Read More >>

Make Your Mac Keyboard Better With Wood

Whether you're sick of looking at the same silver letters on your keyboard every day or you're just a fan of an all-natural look, Lazerwood's keys for your Mac are pretty awesome. Read More >>

A Mouse Shouldn't Need an Internet Connection to Work Properly

A mouse is a fundamental part of every desktop computer. It should just work, at all times. Odd, then, that Razer's high-end Naga gaming mouse does exactly the opposite, requiring an internet connection if you're going to stand any chance of using it. Read More >>

Synaptics ForcePad: The Laptop Trackpad Is About to Change Forever

The last big things to happen to trackpads were the addition of multitouch gestures and elimination of a dedicated button. The next big thing is going to be force detection. We've seen force detection pop up a couple of times before — most recently in the keyboard cover for the Microsoft Surface — but with the introduction of the Synaptics ForcePad, that technology is about to go much more mainstream. Read More >>

Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is So Adorable You'll Want To Vomit

There's seemingly an infinite supply of novelty USB flash drives and hubs for consumers to waste their money on, but none come close to the gag-inducing adorableness of this tiny toaster hub and accompanying anthropomorphised slices of toast. Read More >>

windows 8
Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse: The First Windows 8 Accessories Arrive in Style

Ahead of the Windows 8 release at the end of October, Microsoft has opted to jump the gun and make a few new OS-specific accessories available in the form of the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse — two Aluminium-clad products with a few unassuming tricks up their sleeves. Read More >>

This Trackpad and Mouse Combo in One Is Either Twice As Awful or Half As Good As a Regular Mouse

There's no way Gigabyte's Xenon Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse, that is a trackpad and mouse in one combination, can be any good, right? The mouse looks like a complete horror show, like using an angular Magic Mouse, and the trackpad looks neutered and drooping. I don't believe. Read More >>

The Magic Mouse's Evil Twin Still Yearns For Your Gentle Touch

We didn't exactly walk away impressed with Logitech's unorthodox Cube mouse, but the company's just-announced M600 features a more traditional form factor, bearing a striking resemblance to Apple's Magic Mouse as it also sheds buttons for a touch-friendly surface. Read More >>

lightning review
Logitech Cube Lightning Review: This Is Not a Mouse

Logitech arguable makes the best mice you can buy. I guess it tires of doing so, as the Cube mouse-plus-PowerPoint-clicker is an ergonomic war crime and peripheral abomination. At least it's small enough to purge from memory. Read More >>

Glass Keyboard and Mouse Shrug Off Crumbs and Spills

Using the same technology as biometric systems that capture fingerprints, Jason Giddings has created a drool-worthy glass keyboard and mouse with multitouch functionality. But he's turned to Kickstarter to fund the prototypes and software needed to make it all work. Read More >>


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