This Fish is Driving its Own Motorised Aquarium

It's always a good idea to give your pets lots of exercise and freedom. But how does that work with a fish that is reliant on a tank full of water to live? That's easy; you just strap its aquarium to an RC car and rig up a device that lets the fish steer. Read More >>

This Locking Dog Leash Ensures Nobody Ever Pinches Your Pooch

Coming out of a shop to find your car has been stolen is an inconvenience. But coming out of a shop to discover someone has taken your dog? That's devastating. It's upsetting to think there are actually dognappers in this world, but if you're always tying your pup up somewhere, the lockable Safespot leash seems like a good idea. Read More >>

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Dogs Shaking in Super Slow Motion Will Fix Any Bad Day

It's no secret that dogs plus great photography and super slow motion have the power to mend the wounds of the world. Who doesn't want more of that? You do. We all do. Here. Read More >>

Fearless Warrior Goldfish Survives 21 Months in Abandoned House Fire Pond

Builders refurbishing a house that burnt down in December of 2011 found a cheery little goldfish in the garden pond, which had somehow managed to miraculously survive for 21 months all alone beneath a stack of debris with no light. Read More >>

There's Such a Thing as Remote-Controlled Dogs Now (Yes, Real Dogs)

So here's a weird scenario: You're sitting outside stuffing your face with crisps, and you can't find your dog. You can't yell at her because your mouth is full of crisps, and you can't get up because your chair is just too damn relaxing. What you need is a remote control. For your dog. Read More >>

Pavlovian Trainer Rewards Your Puppy For Pottying On Target

If you're having a tough time potty training a new puppy, it turns out the research done by Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov can be of service. He was famous for conditioning dogs to salivate at the ring of a bell, and with this potty trainer, you can run a similar experiment by rewarding a puppy every time they do their business on the mat. Read More >>

Behold the Cleverest Dog Leash We've Ever Seen

You know that brief moment of concern when you have to momentarily unlatch your dog's leash to wrap it around a pole, and you're a little anxious they're going to bolt? That's now a thing of the past with this incredibly clever Secret Agent Leash. Just below the handle is a built-in set of plastic clips that make it easy to secure your pup anywhere without ever having to unleash them from their tether. Read More >>

Every Dog Needs This Magnet-Powered Flying Carpet

The new skunkworks project from Swiss retailer MiCasa—MiCasa Lab—is all about giving scientists, engineers, and crazy people a safe space to work on the types of projects that might otherwise go unsupported due to a lack of "practicality" or "commercial viability" or "any reason for existence whatsoever." And thank god it does—otherwise we might never have had the wonderful, life-affirming pleasure of looking upon this tiny-hat-wearing puppy atop a magic carpet. Read More >>

Do You Skype Your Pets?

This one has caught me completely by surprise. Apparently over half of Brits actually Skype their pets, and a quick whip round the office says, yes, people really do Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, whatever, their pets. We're surrounded by secret pet-chatters -- are you one of them? Read More >>

This Sleek Briefcase Hides an Easy To Clean Portable Pet Potty

In what will surely lead to some wacky mixups at the office, Modko's upcoming Shake looks like a stark white briefcase, though it's actually a portable place for your pet to potty. But before you get completely disgusted, it seems like the folks at Modko have thought this one out. Read More >>

Solar-Powered Cat Toy Taunts Your Feline Forever

If you'd rather your cats weren't shredding the furniture to pieces while you're away at work all day, you need a steady source of distraction to keep them occupied. And as long as you've got at least one window in your home, this solar-powered cat toy will keep them entertained and out of trouble. Mostly.
Just suction cup the toy's base to a window so that the solar cells can soak up as much light as possible, and it will do the rest by animating a dangling plastic ball and feathers. Your cat won't be able to resist it, unless, you know, it sees a flicker of light on the wall, or happens upon a dustball. But it's still £26 well spent if it helps preserve your expensive leather couch for even a day longer. [Hammacher Schlemmer] Read More >>

This Tennis Ball Bazooka Is a Weapon of Mass Exhaustion

As far as pets go, dogs are some of the most playful companions you can find. But, there's an added bonus to that game of fetch. It helps tire them out so back home you don't have to deal with a hyper ball of fur. And with Hyper Pet's K-9 Kannon in your arsenal, a game of fetch won't leave you wiped out as well. Read More >>

Drunk Politics Student Fried a Dead Hamster

Student James White, 21, admitted to frying up his flatmate's hamster, after an extreme case of the drunken nibbles went tragically wrong. Read More >>

19 Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

Some say that pets start to take after their owners, but to what extent? Will Socks start bogarting the remote? Are you going to have to pry the iPad out of Buster's paws? Actually, uhm, yeah; looks that way. It also looks adorable. Read More >>

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Frisky Gifts for Cat Nuts

Everyone knows at least one cat owner who is a little bit crazy, a little bit intense, and a little bit covered in cat fur. Hanging out at this friend's house might be a disgusting chore. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve presents! Read More >>

All Chemistry Classes Should Be Taught by Adorable Dogs

Matthew Hartings is a chemistry professor at American University, and will most likely go down in history for coming up with the absolute best way to teach chemistry concepts to non-college types: using his dogs. Read More >>


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