Spiked Bowl Stops Your Dog From Eating Like an Animal

Remember your parents telling you to slow down and thoroughly chew your food at dinner? Not only does it help prevent choking, it also aids digestion. And that doesn't just go for little kids. Dogs can also benefit from a more leisurely approach to dining, and that's why this bizarre bowl is covered in tiny plastic mountains. Read More >>

The Space Station's New Aquarium Prepares Astronauts For a Puppy Some Day

Thanks to JAXA—the Japanese Space Agency—the astronauts aboard the International Space Station have some new pets to keep them company. A small school of Medaka fish that will be used to study the impacts of radiation, muscle atrophy, and bone degradation in space. Read More >>

Under Chair Cat Hammock Keeps Fluffy off the Damn Furniture

If you have pets you've already accepted the fact that your home will be perpetually covered in a layer of fur. Visitors, though? Probably not as keen. So this tiny hammock lets your cat still use your furniture without leaving it covered in hair. Read More >>

This Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Is Sure To Fuel the Dogs vs. Cats Debate

If there's one thing that can divide the nation greater than the Coke vs. Pepsi debate, it's the question of what makes the better housepet. Dog and cat supporters are fervent in their belief that their respective companions are the superior pet, and this dog-shaped scratching post doesn't help calm that debate. Read More >>

Will This Caged Ball Toy Stimulate a Dog's Brain or Just Drive It Insane?

Pet owners will do anything they can for their companions, including buying every kind of toy that promises to improve their lives. But instead of stimulating a dog's brain, this chew toy looks like it's only going to stimulate frustration and rage. Read More >>

This Adorable Nanotech Shark Will Swallow Your Puppy Whole

It's tough being a dog the size of a cat. Not only do you have "toy" in your title, people try to carry you around like a purse—which is just demeaning. On the other hand, as a small dog, only you can fit in this awesome self-cleaning shark bed. Read More >>

Meet Clothbot: The Super-Creepy Robot That'll Scamper Up Your Clothes and Sit On Your Shoulder

Have you ever wondered how the mini-robots of the future are going to be able to reach your head and deliver their deadly venom into your neck when the machines inevitably take over the world? Wonder no more -- meet the clothing clambering robot that'll climb up your back and sit on your shoulder, which could apparently be the future of the mobile phone. Read More >>

Protected Feeder Puts Your Fat Tabby on Portion Control

If you've got multiple cats at home, the Gatefeeder makes dinner time easier if one of your felines is on a special diet. Because only a cat wearing a unique RFID tag can squeeze through its door and dine. Read More >>

Man's Best Friend Doesn't Need Its Own Air-Conditioner

Pet owners try to do everything they can to make their pets as comfortable as possible. But if you're content to let your dog sleep outside, Climate Right's dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for their dog house is a bit much. Read More >>

Stupid Escape Prevention System Relies On Your Dog's Stupidity

This special harness should finally stop your tiny fashion-accessory dog from escaping through the rungs of your backyard fence. Even though it looks like it was inspired by humorous YouTube clips of dogs carrying big sticks through small openings. Read More >>

Amazing Piano-Playing Dogs Show They're Just as Smart as Cats

They might be man’s best friend, but dogs get a bad rap. They’re always thought of as the dim pet; cats are meant to be much more intelligent. These dogs put paw to keys to show that slobbering on everything is not their only talent. Read More >>

How to Keep Your House From Reeking of Cat Piss With a Computer Fan and Some Ducting

You haven't cleaned the litterbox in what, two weeks now? It's all well and good that you've acclimated to the overwhelming stench of ammonia and kitty poop, but what about when guests come over? With some minor mods and a little electrical engineering, you can keep your home from smelling of feline by-products without actually having to be a responsible pet owner and clean up! Read More >>

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Here's What It's Like to Have a Dog Chew on You

Of all the times you've played fetch, it's doubtful you've ever empathised with that poor stick. Today, that changes. One enterprising canine owner mounted a Go Pro cam to a stick, and now the world knows. It's cute and frightening! Read More >>

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This Dog Food Commercial Has Sounds Only a Dog Can Hear

Commercials have become so effective at focusing on what us human people want that we can't stop watching them. Oh scantily clad women. Oh short attention spans. Dogs can join in the braindead fun now too, there's a commercial made with sounds only a dog can hear. Read More >>


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