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Shine On, You Crazy Levitating Diamond Particle

See that tiny green pinprick of light? That's a speck of diamond dust trapped in the grip of a laser beam. And with its help, researchers hope to better understand the border-world between macro and quantum physics. Read More >>

Scientists Are Making Oysters Safe to Eat With Electron Beams

You know what's a turn on? Oysters. You know what's a turn off? Vomit. Oysters might be a delicious aphrodisiac, but they have a tendency to be pretty unsanitary and they can make you sick. But researchers at Texas A&M University have found a way pasteurise the bivalves using electron beams, getting rid of some of the stuff that causes you to upchuck. Read More >>

New Infrared Tech Will Let Firemen See Through Flames

Firefighters will actually be able to see through flames thanks to infrared hologram technology, a new study in Italy has found. Read More >>

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Watch an iPhone 5 Get Blasted With Lasers

What's better than watching an iPhone 5 get blown to pieces by a 50cal sniper rifle? How about getting fried with frickin' lasers? Read More >>

UK Police Will Squash Rioters by Blinding Them...With Lasers

Paranoid about future unrest after this summer's riots in the UK, the British went and developed a laser rifle which can project a wall of light and temporarily blind a pack of rioters. Read More >>

The Covenant Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This LEGO Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle

Granted, it may not actually shoot anything, but this 4.8kg, 160cm replica of Halo's SRS 99 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle is the perfect accessory for your Master Chief costume. Wait, whaddya mean it's already November?!? Check out Obvious Winner for more images. Read More >>


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