Dear Samsung: A "Fonblet" Is Not a Thing

During its Analyst Day today in Seoul, Samsung has been trying to coin a new term. Brace yourselves, because if you thought 'phablet' was bad, then the 'fonblet' is something else entirely. Read More >>

Sony's Six-Inch Fascination Continuing With Rumoured Budget Phablet

Rumours from the Chinese manufacturer scene suggest we're about to see a new large-sized Sony mobile appear at some point in the near future, with a low-ish spec model known as the Xperia Tianchi appearing on the tech news scene.  Read More >>

lightning review
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: Biggerer and Betterer

Samsung's Galaxy Note series has been the most popular BIG phone for a couple of years now. The Galaxy Note 2 made some major improvements over the original in terms of speed and utility, and while the Galaxy Mega was a big step backwards, the Galaxy Note 3 aims to leapfrog them both. And, generally, it does. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hands-On: Wow, This Thing Is Huge

Sony's just busted out its entry into the dreaded phablet market, and there's no getting around it: Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is massive -- bigger than even the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 -- but it's an absolute power-house, and thin too. Read More >>

Sony's Xperia Z Ultra 6.44-Inch Waterproof Phablet is Real

Sony's just taken the wraps off its latest addition to the Xperia range, a 6.44-inch waterproof phablet, which'll be the first phone released with Qualcomm's blazing new Snapdragon 800 chip. Read More >>

Sony's 1080p Monster-Phone to Cost £400 When it Crash-Lands in March

Oh boy, the Sony leaks just keep on a-comin. According to Taiwanese site SonyXP, the Xperia Z (a.k.a. 'Yuga') will run you a sweet £400 when it starts shipping in early March. Although that's a king's ransom compared to the bargain-bucket Nexus 4, it's actually cheaper than Samsung's Note II, but packing properly high-end specs. We could have a new winner in the phablet market. [SonyXP via Techradar] Read More >>

Sony All But Announces Its Flagship New Monster-Phones

CES is so close we can almost touch it, but Sony seems to have jumped the gun a little, leaking official press shots of the two phone/phablet things it's probably going to debut in Las Vegas next week. Steady on there boys, just a week more to wait. Read More >>

ZTE's Also Planning a 5-Inch 1080p Phablet Monstrosity

CES is still a few weeks away, but we already know what's going to dominate news there: phablets. Specifically, 5-inch+ Full HD beasts like the one above. Already teased by ZTE, it's apparently called the Grand S and packs a 5-inch 1080p display. Not much else is known yet -- but if for some reason this floats your boat, it's confirmed to debut at CES in 2 week's time. Get stretching your hands. [Engadget via Techradar] Read More >>

Leaked Shots of Sony's New 1080p 5-Inch Super-Phone -- Phablets, Watch Out

It looks like a prototype version of Sony's upcoming new flagship phone, the Xperia Yuga, might have leaked into the wild. A Russian site claims to have got their meaty paws on one, and have published photos to prove it. It's gotta be said, this looks like one serious beast. Read More >>

The 4G Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Be Available on EE's LTE Network

Those wondering whether the original phablet's follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, would be available on 4G networks in the UK, can now rest easy. Come October 15th, it'll be available on EE's Orange and T-Mobile sub-brands, and on EE's 4G network at the end of the month. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

Samsung's Got Something Else With a Stylus Coming

Samsung's sent out a cryptic event teaser for October 24th, because apparently "the next big thing is here". The picture of one of Samsung's new S-Pen styluses confuses things a bit; we've already seen the 5.5-inch Note 2 and Note 10.1. So, what's next? A 7-inch Note, or maybe a smaller phablet? [AllThingsD via TechRadar] Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 Just Made the Phablet Even Bigger (Updated with Hands-On)

Samsung's just unveiled the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA in Berlin, the phablet just got bigger and faster. The 5.5-incher takes the original Note idea, that quite a few people loved, and runs with it, including some fancy Wacom-style stylus tricks. Read More >>

Oh God They're Actually Making the Galaxy Note Bigger?

You already thought Samsung's Galaxy Note was too big, right? Suitable only for use by elephants? Well rumour has it that the plan is to make it even bigger. Read More >>

Samsung's Gunning For the iPhone 5 With Its "Unbreakable" Galaxy Note 2 Phablet

Samsung's apparently got a new phablet on its way, and considering the success of the original Galaxy Note, I'm not surprised. The Koreans aren't holding their punches though -- Samsung's apparently bringing the Galaxy Note 2 forward to launch in October to take Apple's incoming iPhone 5 head on. Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note Bulging In Your Pocket? Time to Tentatively Check For Updates

Having shown us all how awesome Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be on the Samsung Galaxy Note, it seems Samsung's stealth launched the Android 4.0 update, which is currently rolling out to select devices across Europe. It's time to check for updates, but be warned -- having seen what a mess Samsung's Galaxy S II ICS update was, you might be twiddling your thumbs for some time yet. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Note Is Your "Because Size Really Does Matter" Deal of the Day

Are you addicted to Draw Something? It’s great isn’t it, but sometimes the quality of the pictures that you’ve drawn with your fingertip might make your fellow players think that you’re living in a secure hospital. Worry no longer. Read More >>


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