DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review: Buttery Smooth Quadcopter Video

DJI has been making remote-control quadcopters for years. Originally, you had to strap your GoPro to it, but last year DJI introduced the Phantom 2 Vision, which had its own integrated camera system. It was pretty sweet, but every tiny turn you took your video shook enough to scramble your viewer's brain. Read More >>

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NASA Engineers Built an Insanely Complex Bullet-Time Rig For Fun

Back in May, our friend and ex-NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober, figured out a way to shoot "bullet time" videos on the cheap, with a ceiling fan, a pair of flashlights, and a GoPro. Pretty damn creative, but the rig had its limitations. So Mark set out to find a way to create a similar set-up, this time using a high-end Phantom camera. Thank goodness. Read More >>

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There's No Better Breakfast Than Scrambled Eggs at 39,024 FPS

It's time for breakfast. Eggs? Check. Slingshot? Uh, check. Slow-motion camera? ...check? OK so maybe it's not your average breakfast experience, but it makes one hell of a case for scrambled eggs. Read More >>

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An Underwater Bullet at 27,450 FPS Is Breathtaking

You may remember our friend Destin at Smarter Every Day shooting an AK-47 underwater. It was a cool experiment, but the pressure caused the aquarium to shatter, ruining what we now know would have been an amazing shot. To solve this problem, he built a sort of reverse-periscope for a Phantom camera and shot the AK-47 in a pool. The results are absolutely stunning. Read More >>

Watch the Wonderful Mechanics of a DSLR Shutter in Super Slow Motion

There are incredible feats of engineering going completely unnoticed all around us. The way a high speed camera shutter works is one of them. Read More >>

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Watching a Cheetah Run in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Damn Fast

Since we've already seen how people capture a photograph of a cheetah running at full speed, it makes sense to see the other side: the slow motion footage of a cheetah running. It's mother naturally beautiful. Read More >>

Watch How This Time-Expanding Car Commercial Was Painstakingly Stitched Together

It turns out Phantom cameras are useful for more than just destroying household items and blowing stuff up. This Fiat Abarth spot made use of the slow-motion wonder cam in this fantastical "still moving image," and the behind the scenes is pretty amazing. Read More >>

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Slow Motion + Skateboarding = Friggin' Awesome

When people say that everything looks better in slow motion, they definitely are not lying. And what better than some sweet tricks on skateboards from a group of friends with a Phantom cam. Read More >>

Here's the First Gorgeous Slow-Motion Footage from the New Phantom Camera

Vision Research expanded its line of popular Phantom cameras recently to include a series of compact, rugged high-speed options. One lucky user is the first to get his hands on the Miro M120 and let it loose in the wild. And we're lucky enough to see the results. Read More >>

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Destroy Your Easter Finery in Super Slow-Mo

What's better than a tranquil tea party? How's about a tranquil tea party being utterly destroyed in spectacular fashion by a slingshot? Great, now put that in slow motion. What you are about to see is the pornography of exquisite destruction. [Zach King via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Watch a Nikon D4 Shutter Fire at 1000 fps

The new Nikon D4 DLSR is a beast. Its fires off 11 shots per second with gusto. The inner workings of such a task are hard to appreciate with the naked eye. But if you have a Phantom camera, your eye is considerably less naked. In this video, enthusiasts Jason Kolsch and Jayson Jordon used a Phantom Gold to capture the D4 at 1000 fps. Skip to about :55 seconds for the good stuff. [FStoppers] Read More >>

Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Camera Brings Your World to a Standstill

Slow-motion enthusiasts everywhere have a brand new toy. Phantom, the line of cameras that titillates our eyes and taunts our bank accounts, has outed the tiny Phantom Miro M32S. It records at an astonishing 1540 fps at full 1080p HD, and the frame rate only goes up from there at reduced resolutions. Better still, it sports a compact and rugged form-factor. Read More >>

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Watch an Ultra Sharp Knife Slice Through a Soda Can in Super Slow-Mo

It takes a really sharp knife—like, say, the Kramer—to slice right through a soda can or a water bottle. And a really impossibly wonderful Phantom camera to film it in super slow motion for our slicing, dicing, destructive enjoyment: Read More >>

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Watching Giant Killer Waves Swallow Surfers in Slow Motion Scares the Dude Out of Me

Chris Bryan, the amazing slow motion videographer, used a Phantom camera to capture surfers riding humungous waves in Teahupoʻo, Tahiti in super slow motion. It's terrifying to see the sea monster known as the ocean so huge and intimidating and hungry. Seriously, the waves were so big the day Bryan filmed the French Navy issued a double code red warning and threatened to arrest people that went into the ocean. Read More >>

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Super Slow-Motion Ocean Waves Look Like Delicious Gigantic Jelly

The Phantom HD Gold, a camera that brings out the life in things by capturing it in super slow motion, was used to film the oh so lovely ocean. Everything takes on a different personality in slow motion: waves look like jelly, whitecaps look like cocaine and surfers, well, surfers are always awesome. Read More >>


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