"Almost Everyone" At Apple Works on iPhone Development

Apple employs some 16,000 people at its Cupertino headquarters, and despite being the makers of tablets, computers, media players and set-top boxes, almost all of its Silicon Valley workers have to devote some time to iPhone development. Read More >>

Android Is a Free Replacement for a Feature Phone Says Apple's Phil Schiller

Samsung's announcing the Galaxy S IV tonight, but before it does, Apple wanted to take a few shots at Android. Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, crapped all over Android telling the WSJ that, "Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone and the experience isn't as good as an iPhone." Read More >>

The New iPod Touch Doesn't Have an Ambient Light Sensor Because It's Too Thin Says Phil Schiller

The new iPod Touch is so impossibly thin that in the race to get skinny, it had to get rid of a few features: specifically, the ambient light sensor that could adjust the brightness of the screen from the brightness of the room the iPod Touch was in. That's completely gone in the new iPod Touch. Read More >>

Phil Schiller: That iPhone 5 Scratching Is Totally Normal

That iPhone 5 you bought at great expense, that's getting scratched and scuffed even though you're being really careful with it? Yeah, that's totally normal. At least, according to Apple's Phil Schiller it is. It's aluminium -- deal with it. Read More >>

iphone 5
No Dock for the iPhone 5, Says SVP Phil Schiller

Fans of Apple's own generational iPhone docks may be disappointed to learn that no such accessory will be manufactured for the iPhone 5. Read More >>


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