Phones 4U's Insurance Providers Got Whacked With a Massive Fine for Selling Dodgy Insurance

The insurance provider for popular high-street phone seller (and breeding ground for second-hand car salespeople) Phones 4U has been hit with a hefty fine for its dodgy insurance products, after it was revealed its complaints resolution procedure for claims basically involved shredding the angry emails and patronising people down the phone. Read More >>

Looks Like a Phones 4u Is Going to Make Its Own Phones Too

Not content with pushing out its own mobile network, it seems Phones 4u wants to make its own phones too. It's apparently partnering with ZTE to make it happen. Would you buy an own-brand Phones 4u handset? Read More >>

Why I Wouldn't Trust a Phone Shop's MVNO on any Given Day of the Week

Phones shops, in general, are dire; there's no two ways about it. With out-to-get-you customer service, often-crummy technical knowledge, and dodgy upsell-dealings left and right, they're just terrible. How about an actual mobile network brought to you by a phone shop then? No bloody way, mate. Read More >>

Phones 4U Launching its Own Network Using EE's Equipment

From March there'll be another choice when it comes to buying your mobiles and SIMs, with retailer Phones 4U set to launch its own virtual network using EE's infrastructure. It'll launch with 3G phones and plans from this March, with 4G abilities set to arrive some time later this year. It'll be called LIFE Mobile and will offer data bundles as standard. Prices to come nearer launch. [EE] Read More >>

LG Optimus 4X HD Touches Down August 23rd

Not quite hitting the June release date we previously mentioned, LG's beastly flagship is finally on its way to our fair British shores in late August and is available to pre-order from Phones 4u now. Read More >>

Absolutely Desperate to Get Your Mitts On a Brand New Nokia Lumia 900 Early? You're In Luck

Despite the fact that it was delayed and wasn't set to land on our shores until Monday, it looks like at least one retailer in the UK has had an early shipment of Nokia's newest flagship the Lumia 900, and instead of sitting on them, it's flogging them right now in-store and online. Read More >>

Phones 4U's Big March 30th Samsung Teaser Is Less Than Exciting

Apparently that big painted Samsung logo coupled to the “30.03.2012” date on the window of Phones 4U’s flagship store on Oxford Street isn’t what we were all hoping for. It’s just the re-opening date of the store, which is currently undergoing refurbishment. Read More >>

Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to the UK as Soon as March 30th?

Well what do we have here then? Has Phones 4u just leaked that Samsung’s going to release the Galaxy S III in London on the 30th of March? These shots were taken of the Phones 4u store on London’s Oxford Street, but apart from that we don’t have much information. We know Samsung’s going to announce its new flagship within the next couple of months, but previous rumours pointed at April and May, not March. Read More >>

The HTC One X Will Land In Britain on the 5th of April

Looking to get your mitts on HTC’s latest and greatest? You haven’t got long to wait. We should see the One X on the mean streets of the UK on the 5th of April, according to O2. Read More >>

Sony Xperia S Goes Up For Pre-Order In the UK

Networks are clearing their store shelves of Sony Ericsson gear, all the while the newest Sony-only kid on the block has peeped its head above the parapet, ready for your pre-order. Read More >>

Phones 4U JUMPs at Letting You Upgrade Every Six Months

Phones 4U has launched a new contract it's calling JUMP or Just Upgrade My Phone. The idea is to separate your calling plan from your subsidised phone, giving you one monthly price for each -- and letting you upgrade the handset every six months. Read More >>

The LG Prada 3.0 Hits Phones 4u Tomorrow

Phones 4u has apparently managed to wangle itself an early release of the latest LG Prada phone in the UK. It’s available from tomorrow on the usual networks, plus if you bag one of the sleek 8.5mm thick Android handsets before the end of February, you’ll get 12 months of free “4u Wi-Fi”. Read More >>

Where Can I Get Myself a Lumia 800 in the UK?

The Nokia Lumia 800 has just been unveiled at Nokia World and already news is trickling in about availability. According to Phones 4U, the Nokia's new flagship will hit the UK on 16th of November, but they're here now in stores to play with. Read More >>


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