3d printing
The First 3D Printing Photobooth Is Like a Walk-In Shrink Ray

If you've ever thought it would be cool to have a miniature figurine of yourself—or maybe a loved one—just hanging out on your desk and doing it's thing, your day has come. The first 3D printing photobooth is due to open in Japan later this month. Read More >>

Giant DIY Lomo Camera Captures Every Drunken Wedding Photo Op

Instead of having an obnoxious wedding photographer trying to grab candid shots of the guests during the reception, Instructables user letMeBeFranks built this gigantic Lomography camera that served as a private photobooth. At £95, constructed from scrounged parts and equipment from around his home, it was a lot cheaper than renting one too. Read More >>

steve jobs
Happier Days: Steve Jobs Fooling Around with Photo Booth Back in 2005

Here's an amazing series of pictures of Steve Jobs playing around with OS X's Photo Booth back in 2005. They're absolutely lovely, showing off a side of Jobs that so few of us knew. Good to see, on a day like this. Read More >>


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