In Pictures: Powerful Space Storm Treats UK to Special Aurora Show

A combination of a rare high geomagnetic activity level and cloud-free night skies treated many parts of the UK to a superb aurora demonstration last night, as the greenish skies were seen as far south as Norfolk and the Isle of Man. Here are some of the finest photos snapped from sky-afire UK. Read More >>

Urban Explorers Uncover Forgotten Corners of the Soviet Bloc

Say what you will about urban exploration as a hobby, these guys sure do find some very cool stuff sometimes. Thank goodness they take cameras with them. Read More >>

The UK Floods in Pictures: South West Submerged as Waters Break Defences

Two months of heavy rains and stormy weather has left large swathes of the UK a soggy, sodden mess. Floods have caused damage to some 1,600 properties (mainly in the South West of England), and there seems little sign of the sorry weather abating. Read More >>

Andy Sewell's Hampstead Heath Photos Capture All of the Beauty and None of the Dogging

Hampstead Heath -- beautiful by day, a bit grim by night. It's one of the UK's most notorious dogging hotspots, but its 790 acres are as close to the feel of the countryside as you can find in London. Andy Sewell's The Heath photo collection book captures that perfectly.


This Genius App Would Turn Your Smartphone Pics Into Prints, For Free

Where are the dozens of pictures on your smartphone or tablet going? Nowhere, probably. Printing them at home looks chintzy, and getting professional prints is expensive. Flag wants to change that, with an app that would give you high quality prints and mail them wherever you want, all for free. Cool! While we normally wouldn't give any mention to the thousands of projects on Kickstarter, but in this case we're willing to make an exception. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #27: The Winner Is...

The last Shooting Challenge of 2013 was a celebration of the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, the much maligned "selfie". No longer the sole pursuit of Instagramming teenagers, 2013 saw the selfie reach new heights with everyone including world leaders getting in on the selfie act. Read More >>

This Algorithm Can Make Pictures of Your Face More Memorable

We all know somebody with one of those faces. You know, the friend who always gets mistaken for someone else. They say, "I know I remember you from somewhere!" But they don't. Turns out there's a science to this sort of thing—and it could make your face more memorable. Read More >>

A Simple Way to Create Beautiful Photo Essays on the Web

If you take a lot of pictures, you probably already have some sort of online storage service filing away hundreds of photos. But what happens when you want to share a more refined, story-like presentation of your experiences? A new service called Exposure might be right up your alley. Read More >>

Clowns Reappear in Norfolk and This Time They're Angry

Dressing up as a clown. It was funny for a bit, now it isn't any more but people are still doing it. If you want to see people hanging around in full clown costume like it's September of 2013 again, head off to King's Lynn, as there's been another small outbreak of fancy dress disease. Read More >>

Instagram-Printed Marshmallows: Equal Parts Delicious and Adorable

There are countless online services that will turn your Instagram photos into everything from business cards, to flipbooks, to coffee mugs. But Boomf has taken a wholly original approach to making hard copies of your digital photos—except they're not hard at all. The website will print your shots onto gourmet marshmallows letting you devour the photos of your favourite meals all over again. Read More >>

Self-Love Portal Instagram May be Launching Direct Messaging Tools

It'll soon be much easier to make contact with those people you occasionally stalk on Instagram, thanks to a rumour that suggests the sandwich and sunset photography portal is about to bring direct messaging to its 200 million aggressively confident users. Read More >>

Would You Live at the End of Penis Street?

Residents in a part of the town of Hoylake up in the Wirral are concerned for their house prices and social status, after it was discovered that the layout of a couple of the streets resemble a man's private parts when viewed from above. Read More >>

All of These Photos Are Breaking Some Ridiculous US Law

In California nobody is allowed to ride a bike in a swimming pool. Read More >>

The Navajo Know: Posting Photos Online Shouldn't Mean Selling Your Soul to Advertisers

From the Navajo Native Americans to Aboriginal tribespeople, many cultures around the globe have feared the soul-stealing properties of the photograph. Whether it be captured on film or, in the age of digital photography, a .jpeg or RAW file, there have always been those wary of the spirit-sapping power of the camera, for spiritual reasons or the simple defense of vanity. Read More >>

Train Upskirt Photo Perv Claims Right to do so Under US Constitution

A Boston man who was rumbled using his phone to take photos up the dress of a lady on a train is claiming he has a right to do so under the country's First Amendment. Because she was in public and not wrapped in a duvet. Read More >>

Instagram Bans Drug Tags Over Fears it's Becoming a Yellow Pages for Illegal Trade

Instagram isn't just for sharing photos of your sushi like you're the first person in the world to eat something other than a cheese sandwich for lunch. Its users have also been uploading photos of drugs and tagging them, in the hope of conducting illegal deals through the service. Read More >>


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