Win a(nother) Sony Xperia Go In This Week's Crimbo Challenge

In our two Crimbo competitions so far, you've had to rely upon your Photoshop skillz (or lack thereof), or commenting prowess. This time, all that's required of you is some basic knowledge of the world of technology -- specifically, we want to know what gadget or tech you're most looking forward to seeing in 2013. Easy, right? Well, it will be, if you've been paying attention during Giz Class this year. Read More >>

Win a Sony Xperia Go, In Giz's Crimbo Commenting Challenge

So your Photoshop skillz are a bit rusty, but you pride yourself on leaving acerbic barbs of wit in the commenting fields of Giz UK? Our next Crimbo Challenge is for you. Read More >>

Who Won Our Crimbo Photoshop Challenge?

Last Monday, we asked you to peer behind you at the big tech stories of 2012, and Photoshop the heck out of one of them for a chance to win a Sony Xperia S. If you're particularly fond of the sharp end of a stick being pointed Apple's way, step on over... Read More >>

Win a Sony Xperia S In Giz's Crimbo Photoshop Challenge

Every week in the run up to Christmas, the Giz Santa will rifle through her desk drawer and produce a different mobile for a good little boy or girl. But unlike the fat man who shimmies down your chimney, Giz Santa actually requires you prove your worth with a new challenge every week. This week's challenge? Why, you need to dust off your Photoshop skillz by illustrating your favourite tech story of 2012. Read More >>

Whose Photoshop Skillz Won Them a Nokia Lumia 920?

It's a good thing the people at Nokia have a great sense of humour, because after seeing their beloved Lumia 920 dragged through the battlegrounds of Photoshop (and in some cases, MS Paint), I wouldn't be surprised if they started feeling a little sensitive. Nonetheless, the winner is... Read More >>

design week
Your Nokia Lumia 920 Photoshop Entries, So Far

Nokia, look away now, if you don't want to see your lovely Lumia 920 appearing in some "compromising" situations. Readers who complied with our request to send their best Photoshop efforts in early have been gathered up and gallerised, and needless to say, we have some talented 'Shoppers in our midst (and some sick, sick bastards). Read More >>

design week
Photoshop a Nokia Lumia 920; Win a Nokia Lumia 920

Here's an easy way to become one of the first people in the country with a Nokia Lumia 920 in your hot little hand -- yup, it's a Photoshop Challenge! Jump over for more details. Read More >>

Mini-Photoshop Challenge: 'Shop Our Logo and Win Adobe Software Worth £600

Adobe's kindly offered us one copy of Creative Suite 5.5 (Student and Teacher edition) worth £600 to give away -- but it'll cost ye about five minutes of your time, because you need to create the shittiest Giz UK logo you can. I only want to see really crap remakings of our logo! You need to give me a good reason why you deserve new design software, mmmkay? Read More >>


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