augmented reality
Finally, a Proper Use For AR -- Porn

Men's "entertainment" magazine Playboy is trialing augmented reality features using popular AR tool Layar to handle the embedded business, with silicone enthusiasts now able to engage with their tawdry purchase better than ever. Read More >>

Google Denies Senseless Street View Donkey Slaughter

Images captured by Google's Street View car on a dusty road in Botswana appear to show the camera vehicle knocking over a donkey, then driving away. Unconfirmed reports claim the driver was heard laughing about it, too. Read More >>

Prince Harry Getting Snapped In the Buff Shows Celebrities Never Learn

Oh deary me. It seems Prince Harry's been enjoying himself just a little too much. So much so, he's been caught on camera in a couple of rather compromising situations. Yet another set of nudy pics surfaces, showing us that where there's a smartphone there's a naked celebrity ready to get snapped. Read More >>


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