China is Cloning Pigs on an 'Industrial Scale'

A new report by the BBC reveals that China isn't just experimenting with cloning—it's doing it on an "industrial scale." Which is at best interesting and at worst more than a small cause for concern. Read More >>

These Pigs Glow in the Dark to Save Lives

Though they may not be the first set of glow in the dark critters born for the sake of science, the newly bioluminescent pigs of the South China Agriculture University aren't any less incredible—or for that matter, adorable. Wilbur, eat your heart out.
As far as the pigs are concerned, looking good is pretty much their entire job. Just like the rave ready rabbits that came before them, the pigs were injected with jellyfish DNA when they were tiny embryos for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not the glow factor would take. Because now that we've seen that both rabbit and pig embryos hold the potential for genetic manipulation, any future human application is looking far more likely. Read More >>

Britain's Big New Multi-Million Export? Pig Sperm

Nuclear reactors, mineral fuels, cars and railway rolling stock. Add to that list of the UK's biggest exports pig cum. Read More >>

Exploding Hog-Manure Foam is Costing Farmers Millions

Hog farmers across the US are dealing with a pretty shitty problem. A mysterious fecal foam has begun bubbling up from beneath barn floors, down in the darkness where pig manure falls, burping dangerous quantities of methane and hydrogen sulfide. Sometimes, though, it ignites, blowing up not just the barn but all of the pigs inside. Read More >>

American Farms Can't Seem to Keep Their Pig Shit from Exploding

Pig farming is tough, foul-smelling, and dirty work. Turns out, that's the good part of it. See, since 2009 the American pig farming industry has been struck with an explosive pork poop problem—in that the decomposing porcine waste will go boom under the right conditions. Read More >>

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Watch a Pig Decompose Underwater

Pork is absolutely delicious any which way you cook it, and it seems like sea lice, which are like ocean maggots apparently, would agree too. The sea lice do most of the heavy eating, before shrimp come in to finish the job. It's disturbingly exciting. Read More >>

This Trotter-Shaped Bench Looks Good Enough to Eat

There are few things more pleasant in life than having a nice comfortable sit down. Apart, perhaps, from pork. So why not combine the two? Read More >>

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Hawaiian Shirt Commando Tests Knives Against Frozen Pig Skull

Here at Gizmodo, we like to think we put our reviewed products through a rigorous, real-life evaluation. That's one way of doing it. Or, you can test a device by attacking frozen animal corpses while wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Read More >>

Pork Molded into a Piglet Is Disgusting and/or Awesome

I love pork. I like pigs. They're cute, and fun to eat, and intelligent among mud-dwelling beasts. But what I don't like is for my dinner to artificially resemble the killed animal from which it was derived. This is gross. Read More >>

Sex With Animals Will Give You Penis Cancer

I hope you didn't need the risk of death to convince you to not have sex with animals. But just in case, know this: bestiality will give you penis cancer. Read More >>

How Spontaneous Human Combustion Works

Terrifying, isn't it? To imagine that you could be sitting in your favorite easy chair, happily reading UNIX in a Nutshell, and then your body just COMBUSTS—spontaneously—and you're a pile of ashes. A coroner in Ireland recently ruled that's exactly what happened to Michael Faherty, 76, who burned to death last December while minding his own business and collecting his pension. Read More >>

China Creates "Infinite Hero Bacon" by Cloning Invincible Earthquake Pig

Where does one secure the very best bacon? The supermarket? Shut up, rookie! You secure it from the heroic pig that survived for more than a month buried beneath the rubble of China's horrific Sichuan earthquake. Read More >>


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