Breakthrough Research Could Replace Insulin Shots With Pills

Whether you don't like needles, or whether you really don't like needles, there's some good news on the horizon: a special "bioadhesive" coating that was just developed at Brown University is bringing us one step closer to saying goodbye to injections and hello to things like insulin pills. Read More >>

Firefighters Can Take Smart-Pills That Report Back Important Data About Their Guts

Firefighters run into flaming buildings for a living, It's not exactly what you might call a safe job. And while they can tell generally how they're doing by noting whether or not they are on fire at any given time, there's a lot more nuance to keeping track of other aspects of their health. That's where data delivery pills come in. Read More >>

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Why Are Some Pills Little White Round Discs, While Others Are Big Red Torpedoes?

Pills, they're the answer to every one of life's little problems, or so the pharmaceutical companies would like us to think. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, but have you ever thought about why? Why are some boring white and round, while others are bright pink and look like a torpedo? Read More >>

A Pill That Lets You Beat a Policeman's Breathalyser Is Such a Bad Idea

I'll admit, I've long dreamed of a pill that would instantly nuke all alcohol in your system, meaning you can drink all you want and then drive home (or roll into work fresh as a daisy), but unfortunately this isn't it. These pills just help you beat the breathalyser, reducing the alcohol on your breath, and are an insanely bad idea. Read More >>

A Video Game Designed to Help Doctors to Recognise Drug Abuse

At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the doctors are training themselves with technology to better recognise the signs of addiction. Read More >>

Mysterious Rainbow River of Pills Appears In China

This sewer runs along Zhengshang Road, in Zhengzhou, China. On April 21st, the strangest thing happened overnight: it got covered with pill capsules. Pill capsules everywhere, gazillions of them, turing the water into a gross soup of colourful molecules. Read More >>

Racism-Curing Pills Are Apparently a Thing Now?

Researchers at Oxford University claim to have discovered a "cure" for racism, in pill form. It only (supposedly!) stamps out biologically-inherent discrimination, apparently, so if someone's been Clockwork Oranged into a life of hate, maybe it won't be so helpful. But, to repeat: RACISM-CURING PILL. Read More >>

Scientists Creating a "Stay-Sober Pill": Fingers Crossed Nobody Dies

Scientists are hard at work creating a pill that will let you drink a whole lot of booze but limit the alcohol's effect on the brain. That sounds great, right? Wrong. It's a terrible, deadly idea. Read More >>


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