Watch a Pro Table Tennis Player Take Down a Robot Opponent

After an anxious month's wait, we finally get to see the ultimate showdown of man vs. machine on the only battleground that matters—table tennis. The results? Humans: 1, KUKA robot: 0. Our future mechanical overlords still have quite a ways go. Read More >>

This Ping Pong-Playing Robot Arm is Probably Better Than Most of Us

The KUKA Robot Group is already hyping its upcoming match next week
between one of its robotic arms and professional table tennis champion Timo Boll. But hobbyist engineers can make ping-pong bots too. Here's Ulf Hoffmann's garage version, which is surprisingly competitive given its amateur status. Read More >>

I Can't Wait to See This Robot Vs. Human Table Tennis Match

You've seen robots hike over rocks and dominate at table football, but have you ever watched a machine face off against a human ping pong champion, Forrest Gump-style? Well, March 11th is your lucky day. Read More >>

Fortune Telling Chopsticks Predict Your Future but Not How Tasty Your Meal Will Be

It's the start of the Chinese New Year today (it's the Year of the Horse, for all you equestrian lovers out there), and to mark the occasion, Chinese restaurant chain Ping Pong has created a set of "Fortune Telling chopsticks". Read More >>

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Ping Pong Only Gets Better When You Add Crazy AR Visuals

The problem with ping pong — as cool as it is — is its complete and utter lack of insane, borderline seizure-inducing visuals. We can all agree on that, right? Well you don't have to worry anymore; the Pingtime augmented reality table has got that covered. Read More >>

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What Happens When a 900MPH Ping Pong Serve Hits Your Paddle

There's no shortage of plans online for building a simple ping pong cannon that can fire balls at hundreds of miles per hour. But you're probably not going to find the details of Purdue University Professor Mark French's cannon, since his creation can accelerate a ping pong ball to 900 miles per hour, or just over Mach 1.2. Read More >>

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This Crazy-Ass Ping Pong Table Took 400 Hours to Build

Axel Yberg and his firm Akke make what he calls functional art. That translates to fun creations like his Pingtuated Equilibripong table, which may or may not be the most beautiful ping pong table in existence. Read More >>

Tilting Table Somehow Makes Ping Pong Even Awesomer

They said it couldn't be done, but Robb Godshaw has successfully found a way to make ping pong—truly man's greatest sport—even better. By introducing a rocking mechanism under the table, and high-powered flashes to throw off your opponent. Read More >>


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