Amazon's New Pinterest Ripoff Just Begs You to Buy Stuff

Amazon's got a brand new feature. It's Pinterest! Basically. Meet Amazon Collections. Read More >>

Presenting the Scientifically Perfect Pinterest Picture

Cool cucumber, weathered wood, crocheted doily—apparently these are the makings of the perfect Pinterest picture, according to a year's worth of research provided to Wired by data-crunching startup Curalate. Read More >>

Pinterest Mobile App Comes to iOS and Android Devices

Pinners, rejoice! Now that you've all joined the newly-public Pinterest, you can begin pinning on the go. Pinterest has just announced mobile apps for Android devices as well as the iPad. [Reuters via CultofAndroid] Read More >>

Now Everyone Is Free to Join Pinterest; No Invite Needed

If you aren't already planning out your hypothetical fantasy wedding on digital vision board Pinterest, you may now start doing so: the once invite-only platform is now free for everyone and anyone to join. Great, just great. [Pinterest via TNW] Read More >>

How an Electrical Storm in Virginia Brought Down a Large Chunk of the Internet, Including Instagram

Late last night, a severe electrical storm struck over Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC, halting train traffic and felling trees. Sites and apps such as Pinterest and Instagram were affected, but sadly six people died, too. Read More >>

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What if Pinterest Were in Real Life?

Pinterest takes everything superficial, materialistic, and empty in us, and gives those instincts a safe place to run wild. It's sort of like a swinger's club, only for cupcake lust instead of libido. But what if it existed offline? Homicide. Read More >>

Pinterest In the 90s Would Have Kept You On the Cutting Edge of Fashion, Give or Take Two Months

Pinterest would probably not have been quite the runaway hit had it started life in the 90s. As this advert demonstrates, it loses some of its appeal when users have to wait a couple of months to get an updated CD-ROM with what's fashionable. There's nothing more embarrassing than showing up to a party wearing a B.U.M. sweater that went passe two weeks ago. Read More >>

porn Is Now—You Guessed It—Another Porn Pinterest

When the domain sold for the ungodly sum of £8 million, we assumed that the new owners had something special in mind. Something that would revolutionise the already enjoyable activity of watching porn. Behold! The future of porn is... another porn Pinterest? Read More >>

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Look Like Pinterest

Have Facebook? Hate Timeline? Love Pinterest? Good. If you want to combine your interestingly social world with your socially interesting world, you can hack your Facebook Profile to look like an exact replica of a Pinterest page. Here's how. Read More >>

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How to Deal with Death Online the Right Way

Your friends and family are going to die. Probably later, but maybe sooner. That much is certain. Another certainty is that, when it happens, we'll all still be using some form of social media. Here's how to grieve digitally, with dignity. Read More >>

How Pinterest Could Save Google

It's no secret that Google desperately wants Google+ to be the cornerstone of how you use the internet. The problem? No one's taking the bait. It might be time for something drastic. Something like backing up several truckloads of cash to buy Pinterest, a social network crammed full of 10 million people who actually want to be there. Read More >>

This Horrible/Amazing Man Makes £650 a Day on Pinterest

And you thought Pinterest was only useful for lonely pastry fantasy. This anonymous conman talked to the Daily Dot, and boy does he have an easy job: fooling Pinterest's lonely materialists into clicking Amazon spam links. For money. Read More >>

Daily Mail In Pinterest Pinter Mix Up

We’ve heard a lot about Pinterest recently; it’s certainly a hot topic around the internets at the moment. Now the Daily Mail’s gotten involved, but has seemingly grabbed the wrong end of the stick, phoning the late Harold Pinter’s widow for a statement on the interesting website supposedly named after him. Read More >>

The Man Who Stole Pinterest

Karl Jo Seilern is the CEO of Pinspire (right), a 99% ripoff of mysteriously super-popular Pinterest (left). They look the same, sound the same, are the same; only one of them is a German clone! So we talked to Karl. Read More >>

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Pinterest: The Last Article You'll Ever Need or Want to Read

Goddammit if we haven't heard too much about Pinterest—the word itself is irksome. But for many, that annoyance is doubled by the fact that we don't even really know what it is. So, let's figure that out. Read More >>

Please Stop Making More Pinterests

Pinterest! It is the hottest social media whatever the hell it is out there. Is there a Pinterest button on this site yet? (No? Colin, please get on that!) Because Pinterest should be everywhere, and everything should be Pinterest. Read More >>


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