The Megaupload Takedown Killed at Least 10 Million Innocent Files

When Megaupload got taken down two years ago, it took a whole hell of a lot of data with it. And eventually it got obliterated. Some of it was pirate data, sure, but a lot was legit too. And new research shows that, at the very least, ten of million innocent files got the axe. Read More >>

Breaking Bad Creator Admits That Illegal Downloads Helped the TV Show

Breaking Bad, a TV show permanently hung onto television's wall of fame, whipped itself from a critically acclaimed yet not exactly ratings dominant TV show into THE bizz-bizz-buzzy pop culture phenomenon of the year as the series raced to its end. How did it happen? According to Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan, illegal downloads help. Read More >>

IsoHunt the Latest Piracy-Enablers to Be Shut Down With £68m Fine

IsoHunt is the latest in a growing list of go-to sites for pirates to be shut down by the courts. Following a seven-year court battle the torrent directory will close, with its owners struck by a $110 million (£68m) fine by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Read More >>

The Good News is Students are Reading Their Books; the Bad News is They're Pirating Loads of 'em

Research into the piracy of digital coursework books for students has found that levels of illegal sharing are ridiculously high, with nearly three-quarters of the educational ebooks researchers looked for easily discoverable on file-sharing networks. Read More >>

BitTorrent's Taking Out Pro-Torrenting Billboards (and They're Awesome)

"Torrenting" is kind of a dirty word. It makes you think piracy, doesn't it? Well it shouldn't. Torrenting isn't illegal. It's not even morally ambiguous. It's just a way to send data, and it's awesome. Those are the points BitTorrent's trying to drive home with its rad new ad campaign. Read More >>

Google Is Now Deleting Nine "Pirate" Links Every Second

Groups like the RIAA are putting in millions of DMCA requests to pull "pirate" links off Google, and even though it doesn't seem to help, the landslide's not letting up. As of last month, Google was taking down nine pirate links every single second of every single day. Read More >>

Report: Piracy Isn't Killing Content

Contrary to what the popular press might have us believe, piracy isn't killing content. At least, that's what a team of scholars from the London School of Economics has found after conducting a deep analysis of the situation. Read More >>

Microsoft Wanted Google to Censor a Wikipedia Page About Microsoft

After asking Google to censor, Microsoft has given Google a copyright takedown request for a Microsoft Wikipedia page. Microsoft must want to scrub all mentions of itself on the Internet or something. It's the only sensible explanation for its vigilance! Read More >>

Google vs. the Pirates: MPs Lay the Smackdown, But is it Google's Problem?

Search giant Google has once again found itself at the centre of a row over what UK MPs perceive as the company's softly-softly approach to web pirates. But is the ongoing war on piracy really Google's problem? There's a bit of buck-passing going on here I think, with the real problems being overlooked... Read More >>

Netflix Monitors Torrent Sites as a Guide to What TV's Popular With the Youth

Forget ratings figures and boozy lunches with TV industry executives, streaming specialist Netflix gives some weight to internet piracy rankings when it comes to deciding what titles to acquire and offer up. Read More >>

Netflix Checks With Pirates to Decide Which Shows to Buy

The hardest part of beating piracy is finding a way to compete with free. Netflix does it by making things dumb easy, that and purposefully picking up shows that are popular with pirates.
After the recent rollout of Netflix Netherlands, the company's Vice President of Content Acquisition in Europe, Kelly Merryman sat down for an interview with Tweakers where she said explained the trick: "With the purchase of series, we look at what does well on piracy sites." Not a bad idea. Read More >>

Is Rubbish Music or Legal Streaming Responsible for the Huge Drop in UK Music Piracy?

Stats on the UK music piracy scene reveal a staggering drop in online music theft over the last year, with the number of pirated tracks falling by around a third, dropping from 301m in the year to March 2012 to just 199m one year later. Read More >>

Two Per Cent of Web Users do Three-Quarters of the Illegal Downloading

Stats from UK telecom regulator Ofcom reveal that the piracy problem is perhaps a bit less widespread than is often claimed, with just two per cent of the UK's internet users responsible for three-quarters of all illegal downloads. Read More >>

ISPs Asked to Compile "Downloader's Database" of Music Thieves

The BPI and the major UK record labels are meeting at Downing Street next week, to see what more can be done to dissuade piracy in the UK. Top of the list is pushing a scheme that asks ISPs to voluntarily track illegal downloaders to make their prosecution easier. Read More >>

The UK ISP Pirate Bay Blockade Might End Soon

There's a possibility that the insane court-ordered blockade of piracy sites, and even piracy news sites (!), could end soon in the UK, if an unexpected U-turn by government becomes law. Will common sense prevail after all? Read More >>

Microsoft Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request For

Because every company with even just a three-legged rat in the copyright race basically just shotgun sprays Google for takedown requests these days, Microsoft accidentally but very hilariously asked Google to censor... That's got to be even worse than HBO giving Google a takedown request for VLC. Yeah, it's definitely worse. Read More >>


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