The UK Pirate Party's Pirate Bay Proxy Gets Nuked

Well, Big Media won, for the time being at least. After taking legal action against the individual members of the UK's Pirate Party personally, which was hosting a Pirate Bay proxy, said proxy has been taken offline. I don't blame them for caving, really. Wouldn't you faced with being completely wiped out personally? [Pirate Party] Read More >>

Pirate Party Website Propelled By Pirate Bay Ban

Since the recent court-ordered blocking of The Pirate Bay raised a bit of controversy and caused a whirlwind increase of traffic and awareness about piracy, as a direct result of this, the website for the UK Pirate Party has gained a lot more hits over the course of the past three weeks making it one of the top 1,500 websites in the country. Read More >>

The UK's Friendly Neighbourhood Pirate Party Trains Its Guns on Scotland and Manchester

Following Sweden and Germany’s lead, we have our own branch of the Pirate Party attempting to swashbuckle its way into power here in the UK; now it’s drawing a broadside on May’s local elections in both Scotland and Manchester. The Pirate Party UK aims to fight anti-piracy laws (and ACTA); reduce copyright to just 10 years, and allow non-commercial file sharing -- hollywood, the BPI and their lawyers are really going love them. Read More >>


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