Sealand: The Island Nation Off the UK Coast Founded by a Guy Calling "Dibs"

If you haven't heard of Sealand before, it is the site of the Maunsell Naval Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary that were in use during WWII. This particular one was originally named HM Fort Roughs. The fort's primary function was to keep tabs on the Germans who were laying mines off the coast of England at the time. Read More >>

Five Ancient Cannons Were Just Rescued From Blackbeard's Sunken Ship

Looking like something straight off of Davy Jones' ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean, five cannons saw air for the very first time in almost 300 years yesterday as they were lifted from what's believed to be legendary pirate Blackbeard's sunken ship. Read More >>

Britney Spears Audio Weapon Neutralises Threat of Somali Pirates

Shipping tankers floating about in the piracy-rife waters around Somalia are using an audio weapon to scare off attackers, with the music of former teen pop sensation Britney Spears said to be the most effective in deterring potential raiders. Read More >>

What Worldwide Movie Piracy Looks Like in Real Time

There's an ludicrous amount of video being pirated around the world, all the time—even as you read this very post. It travels from peer to peer, bit by bit, in little garbled jumps. This installation, called "Pirate Cinema," shows exactly what's being pirated, and where. All in real time. Read More >>

People Still Pirated Arrested Development Because People Pirate

Even though it's incredibly easy to watch the new revived season of Arrested Development—seriously, all you need is a Netflix account—a lot of people still pirated episodes of the revived show. In fact, public BitTorrent trackers put it at 175,000 pirated downloads to be exact. Read More >>

Sony Patent Measures Loading Times to Detect Piracy

A clever bit of automatic deduction could help block users playing pirated versions of Sony games in the future, with the company patenting a system that compares load times to see if it's playing off an official disc or a dodgy cheap burn. Read More >>

If You Thought Chinese Knock-Off Movies Were Funny, Wait Till You See the Games in Kenya

Ever thought that GTA needed a little bit of a SAW injection, or maybe even a spot of Kirk Douglas? No, me neither, but the batshit-crazy knock-off modded games shops in Kenya think you do, and that's not the weirdest part of it. Read More >>

Confirmed By Science: Blocking Pirate Sites Does Bugger All

Yes, that's right. Someone actually bothered to do a study, crunch the numbers, and come to the same conclusion as everyone else -- blocking pirate sites does nothing to stop piracy. Fact. Read More >>

augmented reality
Oh Great, Augmented Reality Eyepatches Will Probably Lead To Super Pirates

The excitement for Google's Project Glass has been lukewarm at best, but apparently there are at least a few technophiles out there excited for the technology. Like Gregory McRoberts, who apparently couldn't wait for Google to finish its augmented reality-enhanced specs, so he designed his own that's worn like an eyepatch instead. Read More >>

Google's Pop-Up-Pirate Problem Is Really Grinding the Governments Gears

Google succumbed to the screaming horde of rights holders in August by agreeing to start making 'pirate' sites more difficult to find through Google -- but has it made any difference at all? Read More >>

This 92-Year-Old DVD Pirate Is a Total Badass

Strictly speaking, bootlegging movies isn't right. Hyman Strachman knows this, and he does it anyway. According to the New York Times profile of the notorious pirate, he's shipped 300,000 ripped-off movies overseas to the troops—for free. Read More >>

High-Power Hose Security System Will Soak Pirates into Submission

In a continued effort to prevent ocean-bound ships from being attacked and overtaken by pirates, a pair of Japanese companies have developed what they're calling the Anti-Piracy Curtain. Which uses high-powered water jets and flailing hoses to intimidate would-be attackers. Read More >>

When Fighting Pirates, It's Best to Store Your Guns in Floating Armouries

So how do private security firms manage their armed menageries without getting hamstrung by weapons import restrictions and international law? They keep their weapons aboard armoured barges in the open ocean of course. Read More >>

A Nintendo 3DS With Mario For Under £130 Is Your Sony PS-What? Deal of the Day

Down at our local Handheld Console Society (meets every other week, Wednesday evenings, in the community centre) all the talk of late has been of the new, exciting PS Vita. This is WRONG. Read More >>


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