How Steve Jobs's Passion Shaped Pixar Into an Oscar-Winning Studio

While Apple was Steve Jobs's first professional love, the Pixar animation studio that he helped foster was far more than a mere pet project. As Pixar President Ed Catmull explains in his upcoming book, Creativity Inc, Jobs's involvement with the studio proved a revolutionary experience for both parties. Here's a brief look at the Steve Jobs most people never got to see. Read More >>

Disney Has Announced That a Sequel to The Incredibles is Going to Happen

Yes Pixar fans, it's happening. Pixar is at long last making a sequel to 2004's The Incredibles. Read More >>

How Moto Tech and Pixar Brains Turn Phones Into Storytime

If you own a Moto X, chances are last autumn you noticed a small, red hat appear in your notification tray. You either assumed your phone had been hacked and set it on fire, or you boldly clicked the mysterious chapeau and were whisked off to a 3D world that was like being inside a Pixar movie. Read More >>

Pixar Artist Turns Adult Movies Into Awesome Children's Book Illustrations

Josh Cooley has a good sense of humour which is probably what led him to start drawing adult-themed scenes from famous movies in the style of a children's book. Alien, Fight Club, The Godfather, Jaws—they're all there. And they're for sale. Read More >>

Here's a Map That Shows the Location of Every Disney and Pixar movie

They are home to your favourite stories, your favourite songs, your favourite characters. You know so much about the Disney movies that you grew up with and the Pixar movies you love now but do you know where they're all located? No worries, this map by artist Eowyn Smith will show you. Read More >>

Both Pixar and Princess Leia Said to be Ready for New Star Wars Flicks

A double helping of Star Wars news today, as a both an original trilogy stalwart and a beloved Disney studio enter the increasingly-busy rumour mill from a galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

From Dream to 3D Reality: The Fascinating Origins of Pixar

Before a story about toys, before monsters went corporate, before anyone went searching for Nemo, and before twenty seven Academy Awards, Pixar was a high-end computer hardware company whose clients included the government and the medical community. The story of Pixar isn't exactly full of superheroes, adorable robots, or talking bugs. Read More >>

A New Pixar Blu-ray Box-Set Is Your "I Hope Autumn Never Ends" Deal of the Day

We all love Pixar movies, right? If you don't, you've probably got a heart made from oak, a piece of damp cloth where your soul should be and the sunny outlook of a November weekend in Fife. Read More >>

Wall-E Recreated as an Amazing Real-Life Bot

Oh Wall-E, our adorable reminder that our current path on technology will lead to environmental devastation and the end of useful humanity. In maybe our last great act as a species on Earth, a team of geniuses led by Michael McMaster has built a real-life, RC Wall-E accurate to the most painstaking details. Read More >>

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Pixar-Inspired Animation Explains the NSA Perfectly

Even sitting in the safety of a British office, the NSA is creepy as hell. Luckily, the Internet found a way to make the whole spying-on-you clusterdiddle fun with a poignant animation that channels the playful Pixar Lamp of yore. How cute. Read More >>

The Sonic Secrets That Bring Pixar's Latest Movie To Life

For a totally animated flick, it's the sound masters behind the scenes who are really responsible for bringing a movie to life—every squeal, sigh, and clunk is key. Thanks to the people over at SoundWorks, we get to see (and hear) the steps it took to give a literal voice to Pixar's newest film, Monsters University. Read More >>

It Takes a Small Artistic Army to Bring a Pixar Film To Life

Monsters Inc blew more than a few minds when it premiered in 2001. Sully's coat comprised a million rendered hairs, and Boo's oversized pink shirt moved with such a natural flow it appeared nearly life-like to audiences. And while advances in technology during the twelve years between the original film and the prequel—premiering in June—will provide another jaw-dropping visual experience, Monsters University was no less challenging to make. Read More >>

What It Would Look Like If Pixar Made Star Trek?

Because Disney, who owns Pixar, now owns Lucasfilms and because they got J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars even though he's already directed Star Trek, it's not out of this world to imagine a Star Trek animated series by Pixar (as incestuous and sacrilegious as that may be). Canadian artist Phil Postma wondered the same and animated the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series. Is it weird that I want to watch this? Read More >>

Charles Darwin Is Helping Solve One of Mankind's Greatest Problems: Reinventing the Emoticon

Emoticons are ingratiated into modern language. Tweens communicate in nothing but nonsensical strings of emojis, and artists use them to create entire tales. But even with widespread use, emoticons' emotions have remained relatively 1-dimensional since their inception. Read More >>

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They Really Did It! Toy Story—The FULL MOVIE—Filmed with Real Live Toys

My goodness, this is a thing of wonder and whimsy and a buttload of perseverance. The Live Action Toy Story Project, which we've updated you about in the past, is finally completed. What a wonderful thing to exist in the world. Read More >>

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Here's the First Clip From Pixar's Absolutely Adorable New Short

Pixar's movies are pretty much all great, some are better than others, but none of them have ever not been worth the price of admission, but don't forget the studio's awesome shorts. Like the lamp that wouldn't give up, here's the cutest two umbrellas you'll ever see. Very fitting for a damp and rainy Britain. Read More >>


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