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Using Plasma to Clean Glass is Amazingly, Hilariously, Roundabout

So there are various window cleaning supplies on offer at your nearest supermarket, but if that's feeling too cleaning product-y for you, or whatever, be aware that you can also clean glass with pure oxygen plasma. Sure. Read More >>

Panasonic's Plasma Production Pulled Permanently

And so starts the beginning of the end of the plasma TV. Panasonic, one of the last television manufacturers carrying a torch for the AV enthusiast's preferred panel tech (and arguably the builders of the best plasma screens since Pioneer's own plasma demise), will cease production of plasma displays come December. Read More >>

Watch a 200,000-Mile Canyon of Fire Rip Open on the Sun

Trying to watch the sun's explosions with your naked eyes is a recipe for blindness, but luckily NASA has a couple of telescopes that can show you all that fusion glory with none of the permanent ocular damage. Take, for instance, this 200,000-mile long canyon of fire. Read More >>

Reuters: Panasonic Is Going to Kill Off Its Plasma TVs by March 2014

According to Reuters, Panasonic is going to stop production of its fantastic plasma TV sets by March 2014. That sucks. But also not surprising since previous reports had hinted at Panasonic planning to cut its TV production and that the TV market has been overtaken by seemingly every other technology not named plasma. Read More >>

Panasonic to Cut TV Production, Maybe Abandon Plasma

Reuters is reporting that Panasonic is planning to cut its TV production — and perhaps pull of out of the plasma TV market altogether. Read More >>

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Microwaving a CD Is as Beautiful as It Is Absolutely Lethal

When you microwave a CD, something amazing happens. Lightning, plasma, and fire emanating from that once-perfect plastic disc. Problem is you're just as likely to blow up your microwave and yourself, as you are to see anything cool, so don't do this at home. OK? Just feast your eyes on this little lot. [Twitter via Sunday via Kotaku] Read More >>

US Army Shoots Lightning (!) Down a Laser Beam (!!)

Here's what happens when a bunch of kids who played Quake III all day on their university computers grow up and get jobs in the real world -- lightning guns. Read More >>

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Panasonic VT50 Lightning Review: Do Your Eyeballs A Favour

The phrase "holy shit, this is a fantastic television" is bandied about with far too much impunity these days. However in the case of the Panasonic 55-inch VT50 Plasma, it's spot on. Read More >>

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Creepy Australian Fries TV with Microwave

Welp, we're about done with the ol' plasma set. Figure it's time to take 'er off to the dump. Or maybe we could sell it? Naw, let's destroy it with arcing electricity bolts for fifteen minutes straight. Read More >>

Got £600,000 to Spare? Blow It on the Biggest TV You'll Ever See From Harrods

You’ve just won the lottery and you’ve got a spare £600,000-odd burning a whole in your pocket; what do you spend it on when you’ve already got a Bugatti Veyron, a penthouse in Kensington, and a yacht bigger than my house? How about an absolutely massive TV? Panasonic’s commercial 4k2k, 152-inch monster plasma screen is now on sale to regular consumers in the UK, courtesy of the new technology section of Harrods. Read More >>

Panasonic's New Plasma's Are Built for the Everyman

Sure, you can spend £3,000 (or more) for a top-of-the-line HDTV with more bells and whistles than you can shake a remote at. But if you're on a budget, Panasonic's newest line of plasma HDTV's offer top-flight features for bargain-bin prices. Read More >>

Who Needs Pixels When You Have Six Million LEDs to Light Your Display?

LED televisions until now have generally just used an LED power source to light the LCD display. This differs from the Jumbo-trons you see at sports arenas, where each pixel is an individual LED. Now, Sony's brought the big-screen technology to your living room with its Crystal LED Display. Read More >>


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