Dyson Imagines Massive Floating Rubbish Vacuum to Suck up Man's Plastic Crap

James Dyson's sketched out the idea of a new form of sucking machine, one so large it requires a barge to house it. The idea being to set it free and let it "mine" rivers of all the floating plastic junk that's been chucked into them since man first invented plastics. Read More >>

This Super Energy-Efficient House is Made of Plastic

Tearing down old things to make room for new things is a beloved tradition. It makes sense in some ways. After all, better building materials mean better buildings, right? Not if you like beautiful old buildings. There is, however, a compromise. Read More >>

That Time Soviet Russia Built a House Entirely Out of Plastic

In its heyday, plastic was viewed as a revolutionary advancement: safer and lighter than glass, cheap to manufacture, and useful in countless commercial applications. In fact, in the early 1960s architects in the USSR even tried building entire houses out of the stuff. Read More >>

San Francisco Plans on Banning Plastic Water Bottles

San Francisco wants to cut its landfill waste down to absolute zero by 2020. While a city-wide plastic bag ban has been in effect for a few years, new legislation approved by the Board of Supervisors this week sets its sights on the bane of tap-water enthusiasts and thirsty environmentalists alike: Bay Area, say goodbye to the plastic water bottle. Read More >>

Plastic Food Packaging Could be Poisoning Us, Warn Scientists

The acres of plastic that wraps our food stuff and stops it going limp could be causing long-term damage to our health, according to researchers, with nasty stuff -- including tiny does of formaldehyde -- leeching from packaging into the stuff we consume. Read More >>

This Is the World's First Working Cell Made From Plastic

Scientists have long been toiling to create artificial life, managing to produce man-made cell walls and even synthetic DNA. But now, a team of chemists has produced a functioning cell made from polymers. Read More >>

The Thames is Pumping London's Plastic Pollution out into the North Sea

While the surface of the Thames may look relatively clean these days, underneath the boat trippers lies a mass of discarded plastic, which is flooding out into the Thames Estuary and along into the North Sea. Read More >>

Plastic English Bank Notes are Go For 2016

The Bank of England's done with its consultation on the merits of plastic or polymer bank notes, revealing that it is indeed going ahead with the scheme and that the new Sir Winston Churchill fiver will be the first non-paper notes for England. Read More >>

3d printing
This 3D Printer Can Produce Hard and Soft Parts Simultaneously

3D printers are a dime-a-dozen these days, but every so often something special comes along. Like this thing: an industrial printer made by Arburg that can create products containing both hard and soft parts at the same time. Read More >>

Scientists Just Discovered a Key Plastic Ingredient - In Space

NASA's Cassini spacecraft just detected propylene on Saturn's moon Titan. You might recognize the name of the chemical as part of polypropylene, the material that the food storage containers in your cupboard are probably made of. It's the first time that the plastic ingredient has ever been observed anywhere other than Earth. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Embracing the Metal Scene?

Rumours from the supply chain world suggest Samsung's ready to place orders for the casing of next year's Galaxy S5 flagship model, with sources suggesting it's requesting up to 30 million metal casings for 2014's launch. Read More >>

Scientists Made a "Terminator" Polymer That Can Heal Itself Like Magic

We might not be able to build a liquid metal T-1000 killing machine yet, but we just took a huge step towards building a plastic one. Scientists have managed to develop a new polymer that—when cut in half—can heal all by itself. Pretty awesome trick. Read More >>

Bank of England Boss Flashes Plastic Bank Note Plan

The new boss of the Bank of England is considering introducing plastic or polymer bank notes to the UK, with the new notes featuring the same designs as the current paper versions but reduced in size a little to make them more pocketable. Read More >>

A Plastic iPhone Called the "5C" Might Really Be on Its Way

This image from Chinese blog WeiPhone looks like a bunch of Apple packaging in a bin. But folks it's so much more! Oh, no, actually that's exactly what it is. No one has been able to verify the "iPhone 5c" photo yet, and it could just show some knockoff packaging, but the nomenclature makes sense at least. Read More >>

Samsung's Bet on Carbon Fibre Could End its Plastic Phone Fixation

Samsung's announced a joint venture with a carbon fibre specialist, with the new joint-owned business set to "develop new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market." Hopefully that may mean an end to its love of plastic phones. Read More >>

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note III Rumour Suggests 5.99" Display and 3GB of RAM

The endless possible size and feature permutations of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy Note III have taken a new twist, with an alleged photo of the Note III and accompanying tech specs suggesting it'll arrive with a 5.99" display. Which you could round up to 6" should a lady ask how much diagonal length you're packing. Read More >>


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