There are Now Seven Million PS4 Consoles Sitting Under TVs Worldwide

As well as revealing details of the PlayStation 4's first major software update, Sony has shared just how many of its latest home console it has sold. And it's doing pretty damn well. Read More >>

Sony's Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Rival for PS4 Could Launch in March

When the "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" takes to its soapbox, one of the first things you'll hear it wax lyrical about is the prospect of VR gaming thanks to the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift. But it is one trump card that Sony may be ready to wrestle away from them, with reports that it is nearly ready to reveal a PlayStation 4 VR headset. Read More >>

Is a Wooden PS4 Cover Tasteful or Tacky?

When Sony was designing its futuristic next-gen PlayStation 4 console, it probably had Tron in mind, not the Wooden Tops. But if a slick black box doesn't sit well in your pine TV cabinet, maybe this wooden PS4 cover will suit your decor more seamlessly? Read More >>

PS Vita Slim Gets UK Release Date: Better Battery Life But the Screen Gets a Downgrade

Wearers of skin-tight jeans, rejoice! Sony has just announced the launch of the PS Vita mark 2 (aka, the "Slim one") in the UK, for pocketable, bulge-free gaming. Read More >>

Struggling Nintendo Shifts Fewer Wii Us in a Year Than PS4 or Xbox One Managed in Two Months

3 million Xbox Ones and 4.2 million PS4s have been sold since launch roughly two months ago. But across the whole of 2013, just 2.8 million Nintendo Wii U consoles were sold. Yikes. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Brings Gaikai PS3, PS2 Game Streaming to PS4, but UK Will Have to Wait

With the PlayStation 4 lacking any built-in backwards compatibility features, classic PS3 and PS2 games were promised to be coming to the console via a streaming service, developed by Gaikai. That service, now called PlayStation Now, will be ready by the summer -- so long as you live in the US. Read More >>

Gran Turismo 6's Engines Stall as £120 Micro-Transactions for Cars Revealed

Micro-transactions in games aren't necessarily a bad thing -- I no longer have the time to hunt down every secret in every game, and if dropping fifty pence here and there enhances a game for me by saving a few hours of gameplay grind, that's fair enough. But £120 for an in-game digital car? That's just taking the piss. Read More >>

Sony Hints That a PlayStation 5 Could Arrive Sooner Than You'd Expect

Part of the reason gamers are so hungry for the next-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console offerings from Sony and Microsoft this year is that it's been so bloody long since their predecessors launched. The Xbox 360 landed way back in December 2005, with the PS3 UK launch following in March 2007. Will the new machines live to equally ripe old ages? Read More >>

Select PS4 PSN Features to be Temporarily Disabled For UK Launch

In the world of tech balls-ups lightning can indeed strike twice and, looking to prevent the embarrassing sluggishness of the PlayStation Network upon the PS4's US launch, Sony is taking measures to ensure the same doesn't happen again after tonight's UK launch. Read More >>

PS4 With PS Vita Handheld Bundles Will go on Sale Tonight

Remember the PlayStation 4 / PS Vita bundles that leaked ahead of schedule in a gaming trade mag last week? They've now been confirmed by Sony to be going on sale in the UK tonight, alongside the next-gen console's midnight launch. The Vita has had a tough start in life, but deep integration with the PS4 makes it the perfect time to pick one up, and this >£500 bundle the perfect way to do so. [TechRadar] Read More >>

Struggling to Get a Launch Day PS4? O2 to Sell Contract PS4 Bundled with Xperia Z1

With Amazon and a host of other gaming retailers announcing that new pre-orders on Sony's PlayStation 4 won't be fulfilled in time for Christmas, expect there to be a Jingle All The Way rush to grab the console from brick-and-mortar stores come launch day on Friday. If the thought of braving the midnight queues sends a shiver down your spine, an interesting last-resort offer from O2 may save your Christmas. Read More >>

The "Ultimate Edition" PS4 Bundle Includes a PS Vita and Will be in Shops by New Year's Eve

Ever since Sony mandated that all PlayStation 4 games would have to be compatible with the PS Vita handheld's Remote Play function we knew this was coming, and now it's been all-but confirmed; Sony will be offering a PS4 "Ultimate Edition" bundle that includes the PS Vita handheld just in time for Christmas. Read More >>

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Here's the Million-Selling PlayStation 4 Cooked in a Microwave in the Name of Art

You've waited eight years to get your hands on a new console from Sony and, when the PlayStation 4 finally arrives, what do you go and do? You bung it in the microwave, of course. Read More >>

From PS1 to PS4, It's a PlayStation Family Reunion

The PlayStation family has a lot of stylish members — and one very upright, ashen patriarch that started it all. Let's take a quick look at how their aesthetics evolved. Read More >>

Even More PS4 Deals is Today's Deal of the Day

Get your hands out of your knickers, because the wait is nearly over. The push for the next-gen consoles is getting serious now, with everyone ramping up their deals and offers in a bid to lure you away from your Xbox 360s and PS3s. For those of you who can't possibly wait-and-see what it is going to be like, now's the time to start weighing up some offers. Read More >>


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