PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) Review: Two Steps Forwards, One Step Backwards

The PS Vita sheds its baby fat as Sony looks to go on the offensive with its handheld console, following a surge of goodwill in the wake of the PlayStation 4 launch. This slimline version makes some worthy additions, but also removes one of the Vita’s standout features, swapping out its OLED for an LCD. It’s a compromise, and one that poses a bit of a dilemma for would-be owners. Read More >>

A PlayStation Vita Is Your "Eight Games Included?" Deal of the Day

The launch of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 means there's going to be a lot of good offers on games right now, which means that you can go crazy before you upgrade or, for the less fanatical gamer, there's a great chance to stock up on consoles and games. Read More >>

A 3D Blu-Ray Player Is Your Home-Cinema-Upgrade Deal of the Day

If you didn't get yourself a 'smart TV' last time you upgraded your gogglebox, now's the chance to get the likes of Lovefilm, Netflix and The Internet pumped on to your screen without forking out for another telly. Read More >>

The Robert De Niro Collection on Blu-Ray Is Your Weekend-Sorted Deal of the Day

Remember when pretty much every film that Robert De Niro made was a stone-cold classic? You do? Wow, you’re really old aren't you? Never mind, put your incontinence pants on and brace yourself for today’s deal. Read More >>

A Kinect For Just £40 Is Your Dancing-Like-a-Prat-In-Your-Living-Room Deal of the Day

A few days ago we urged you to buy an old-school Atari console, packed with 60 games, for the tiny price of just £17.00. We seriously regret that now -- it was a huge error. Read More >>

PlayStation Vita Review: You Don't Need Another Beautiful Smart Gadget

The PSP never exploded. The Nintendo 3DS is a letdown. Now it's 2012, and Sony has the chance for a clean start that'll put console-caliber games in your bag. It does — but does a pocketable console really make sense anymore? Read More >>

A Pre-Ordered PlayStation Vita Is Your "It Fell In My Tesco Basket" Deal of the Day

Today’s deal is an enormous boon for gaming freaks who like to be on the move and generally a-wandering about the place. Say hello to the Playstation Vita. Soon. Read More >>


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