Grab a PS4 FIFA 14 Bundle for £364.94 With Your "Pitch Perfect" Deal of the Day

The best thing about being a football fan is telling professional athletes how to do their jobs. You can even give yourself a false sense of entitlement by playing football games on the 'easy' setting and winning the league all the time. "Oi! Moyes! I won the Champion's League with Torquay!" Read More >>

US PS4 Sales Smash Xbox One, Selling "Nearly Double" in January

Microsoft's run of consecutive console sales wins in the US has come to a crashing halt, with Sony's PS4 managing to outsell the Xbox One in January. Not only that, but sources with access to the numbers suggest PS4 sales were nearly double those of Microsoft's rival machine. It's only one month of data, but still. [Twitter vis Techradar] Read More >>

PS Vita Slim Gets UK Release Date: Better Battery Life But the Screen Gets a Downgrade

Wearers of skin-tight jeans, rejoice! Sony has just announced the launch of the PS Vita mark 2 (aka, the "Slim one") in the UK, for pocketable, bulge-free gaming. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works

So PlayStation Now works. Like really. Like what the heck are you sure there isn't a PlayStation tucked away behind this TV and hidden somehow behind this Vita works. It's incredible because it doesn't feel incredible, if that makes any sense. You can play streaming games without any game console, and that's pretty damn impressive. Read More >>

China Finally Suspends its Ban on Foreign Game Consoles

After 14 years of prohibition, the Chinese government has lifted a ban on the sale of foreign consoles inside the country's border. This opens the door for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to tap in the multi-billion market—though the companies have already admitted it won't be easy. Read More >>

PlayStation's 12 Days of Christmas Sale is Your Wallet-Rinsing Deal of the Day

The PlayStation 4 is now officially the fastest selling gaming console in history, with everyone going crazy over a piece of kit that isn't the Xbox One, which seems to be blighted by a plethora of problems (the main one being Microsoft themselves). With Sony laughing all the way to the bank, they've decided to throw us all a few peanuts. Read More >>

From PS1 to PS4, It's a PlayStation Family Reunion

The PlayStation family has a lot of stylish members — and one very upright, ashen patriarch that started it all. Let's take a quick look at how their aesthetics evolved. Read More >>

Deconstructed Gaming Controllers Reveal Gorgeous Old School Guts

Above, you're looking at the surgically disassembled guts of an old Jaguar controller, the short-lived console originally released by Atari in 1993. It's a thing of beauty, and just one of a series that's equal parts nostalgia and drool. Read More >>

The PS4 Stunt That Everyone's Talking About

Marketing stunts roll into our inboxes as fast as we can send them to our trash folders, but this one made me pause my cursor. Taking on the London skyline in a stunt that's anything but stock (cube, geddit?), Sony hijacked the OXO Tower's facade with PlayStation's famous symbols. Read More >>

PS4 First Impressions: The Future Is Finally Here

The next gen is here! Or half of it, anyway. Sony's PS4 has come first in the haphazard sprint to the new-console finish line. And yeah, it's pretty awesome. Read More >>

My Top 5 (Really Boring) Reasons to Look Forward to the PS4

The PS4/PlayStation 4/topofeveryone'sChristmaslist4 is getting its eagerly-awaited launch on November 15th in North America, and here in the UK on the 29th. PlayStation has recently uploaded this FAQ, subsequently sending hordes of slavering nerds into a state of speculative reverie. Read More >>

The Real Reason the PS4's Guts Blow the PS3 Away

The hardware inside the PlayStation 4 is quite obviously more powerful than that of its eight-year-old predecessor. But Sony's newest console owes more to its success than just specs. As Wired found in an in-depth look at how the PS4 was designed, it has the creator of Marble Madness to thank. Read More >>

75 Per Cent Off Horror PSN Games Is Your Fiendish Halloween Deal of the Day

Halloween is on the way, which means suffering the horror of children clawing at your door with their horrible, tiny little fists, moaning and groaning for you to tip bags of sugar into their toothless mouths. Don't try and escape to the pub, because lumpy men and women will be parading themselves around in a variety of blood splattered 'sexy' outfits. Read More >>

A PlayStation Vita Is Your "Eight Games Included?" Deal of the Day

The launch of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 means there's going to be a lot of good offers on games right now, which means that you can go crazy before you upgrade or, for the less fanatical gamer, there's a great chance to stock up on consoles and games. Read More >>

A PS Vita Is Today's "Yesteryear Gaming Device" Deal of the Day

Sony's PS Vita is the hand-held console that refuses to be ignored and/or go away. While the new, larger, fixed location consoles gear up for release, the Vita is stamping its feet and waving its hands around in a bid for attention. Read More >>

How Every Argument About Xbox and PlayStation Ends

It doesn't matter if you're talking about the Xbox One versus the PlayStation 4. The 360 versus the PS3. Pitting Xbox Live against PlayStation Plus. Comparing Microsoft and Sony. Even including Windows Phone with the PSP. Whatever. Any argument between Xbox fanboys and PlayStation fanboys eventually reaches the point where they're both so thankful that they're not Nintendo fanboys. How about that 2DS, guys! Read More >>


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