Sony Says "Less Than One Per Cent" of PS4s are Faulty and it Might all be Amazon's Fault Anyway

Sony has updated the gamers of the world on the situation regarding the PS4 hardware issues that have been dogging the console's launch somewhat, claiming that less than one per cent of machines have suffered any problems -- and hinting that it might be shoddy packaging from retailers causing some of the damage: Read More >>

Angry Interns May Have Deliberately Botched Some PlayStation 4 Hardware

The poor students that were allegedly forced into building Sony's PS4 at the Foxconn workhouse may have got their own back in quite an impressive way, with a forum post from one student involved suggesting the youths may have deliberately hobbled some of the machines. Read More >>

The Real Reason the PS4's Guts Blow the PS3 Away

The hardware inside the PlayStation 4 is quite obviously more powerful than that of its eight-year-old predecessor. But Sony's newest console owes more to its success than just specs. As Wired found in an in-depth look at how the PS4 was designed, it has the creator of Marble Madness to thank. Read More >>

Gamers Create Storm Over PS4's Lack of MP3 Streaming Abilities

Sony published a comprehensive FAQ regarding the PlayStation 4's features yesterday, filling in a few gaps in our knowledge about what the forthcoming console can and can't do. Obviously, the internet being the internet, everyone focused on one small thing and blew it out of all proportion -- PS4 can't play MP3s over your home network. Read More >>

PS4 "Mega Bundle" Adds Killzone, a Spare Controller and PlayStation Camera for £450

Sony's announced an official PS4 bundle for the UK launch, combining the console with two DualShock 4 controllers, shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall and the refreshed PlayStation Camera, and selling it all for £450. That's really sticking it to Microsoft. Those who've pre-ordered ought to be able to upgrade to this "Mega Bundle" before launch. [Eurogamer] Read More >>

PS4 Will be Sold at a Loss, But Paid Subscriptions Might Push it Into the Black

We usually expect games hardware to be sold at a loss for the first year or so, as hardware makers subsidise the consoles to get them out to the people on the (relatively) cheap. And PS4's no different, although Sony hopes to reclaim its losses as soon as owners buy a game or sign up to play online. Read More >>

PS4 Gamers Encouraged to Use Real Names Online Instead of D3tTHBRiNGER and the Like

Sony's been talking a little more about how PS4 and its systems will work over at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing one big change to its online service in the way it'll encourage players to use and display their proper names. Read More >>

Gran Turismo 7 May be Ready for PlayStation 4 "In a Year or Two"

Gran Turismo series boss Kazunori Yamauchi, never a man knowingly in a hurry about making anything, has suggested he might be able to knock out a PS4 version of his driving game with unusual haste, claiming that Gran Turismo 7 could be ready " about a year or two." Read More >>

Virgin Media Joins Sony as PS4 "ISP Partner"

Virgin Media and Sony have signed some sort of blood-buddy pact covering this year's PlayStation 4 launch, with the ISP claiming it's now the "PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner" for Sony in the UK. Read More >>

Sony Cheers Fans With "Free" PVR and Video Sharing Tools

The tedious black rectangular willy-waving contest between Sony and Microsoft continues, with Sony once again capitalising on Xbox One's perceived weaknesses. While MS requires a paid Gold subscription to capture and share footage on Xbox One, Sony's confirmed that PS4 lets you do all that for free. Read More >>

PS4 May Reserve 3GB of RAM for the OS, Leaving Devs with 5GB to Play With

Some technical specs covering the PS4's memory allocation have been causing the usual massive, angry internet controversy, with gamers left in bewildered, directionless uproar over news that PS4's 8GB of RAM could leave just 4.5 - 5GB for games once the OS has taken a chunk out of it. Read More >>

xbox one
Tech Spec Battles "Meaningless" in Next-Gen War Says Xbox One Tech Boss

Comparing the Xbox One to PS4 is a pointless task says one of Microsoft's product bosses, as it doesn't matter who's ahead on paper -- it's all about how well-tuned the hardware is and what sort of games you want. Read More >>

Get Your First Long, High-Res Stare at Sony's PS4 Interface

Some clean and clear still shots of Sony's PS4 user interface have appeared online, giving gamers their first chance to imagine sitting in front of it for 16 hours a day. It's blue, it's boxy, it's pretty enough. Read More >>

Sony Doesn't Know Whether its PS4 Will Play Used Games or Not

As well as not really knowing when it's going to come out in most bits of the world, Sony also seems to be unsure of how to answer the tricky question of whether PS4 contains any form of system to block the playing and installation of pre-owned games. Read More >>

PS4 Could Launch in November, Alongside PlayStation Cloud Online Streaming Tools

Yet more rumours regarding what Sony will/won't say at today's supposed PS4 unveiling have appeared, with sources claiming the machine will launch in two separate hardware versions for around £280 and £340. Read More >>

Sony Said to be Aiming at £299 Price Point for PS4

Building Sony's next-gen home console out of PC components looks like it'll have a significant effect of the machine's retail price, with reports claiming it'll arrive with a tag of less than £300. Much better than PS3's disastrous £425. Read More >>


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