This Sinking Titanic Plug Is Just a Tad Distasteful

Relatives of survivors and those killed on the Titanic are up in arms over a simple bathtub plug. The plug bit, of course, is fine; it’s just the rest of it which is just a bit in poor taste. The plug’s chain attaches to a floating rubber Titanic model at an angle, which ends up pulling the nose of the ship down depicting the Titanic as it’s sinking. A “hilarious bathroom accessory” apparently. Read More >>

Hands On With the Mu Folding UK-Plug USB Charger

I got a bit excited when I saw that the awesome folding UK plug concept had actually made it into production – so excited, I plunked down my pre-order forthwith. Now it’s here, so what’s it actually like? Read More >>

Finally, You Can Buy That Awesome Folding UK Plug We've All Been Waiting For

The electrical plug we have here in Britain is a bit of a beast. Yes it’s pretty safe, but does it have to be so freaking big? No it doesn’t, as proved by this concept design from back in 2009. Three years on, that concept has actually made it into the realms of reality and you can buy a version of it right now. Read More >>


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