You Can Actually Browse the Web on a 27-Year-Old Mac Plus

Jeff Keacher wanted to get his Mac Plus, now well into its third decade, online. It had been on BBSes and text-only Lynx via dial-up back in the day, but Keacher wanted to go full TCP/IP. And it worked. He even loaded Gizmodo for us! Read More >>

When Did We Start Using the + and - Signs?

Though most people in this world never want to think about maths after school, let's talk about its symbols. Where and when did the symbols for addition and subtraction get invented? We don't even question them when we see them now. But what the heck did people use before that? Read More >>

Windows Phone 8 Will Be Powered By a Snapdragon S4 Plus Processor

Qualcomm and Microsoft are continuing their cozy relationship with Snapdragon S4 Plus processors set to power Windows Phone 8. Read More >>


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