Of Course the Internet Names Pluto's New Moon Vulcan

If you leave votes for things up to the internet, there are normally only two outcomes. Either you end up with a cat, or something from Star Wars or Star Trek. The later is true when it comes to space. Yes, the internet has decreed that Pluto's new moon be called "Vulcan". Read More >>

New Moon Discovered In the Solar System

A team of astronomers have photographed a new moon in our solar system using the Hubble Space Telescope. The new celestial object is orbiting Pluto. Mark Showalter — from the SETI Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) in Mountain View, California — is intrigued that this planet "can have such a complex collection of satellites." Read More >>

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Is Pluto a Planet or Not?

Discovered in 1930, poor old Pluto got a pretty rough ride in the last decade or so. Once it was a fully fledged planet; now it's just puny "minor planet" in the newly designated Kuipier Belt -- astronomers just couldn't leave it alone. But I guess all this really depends on your definition of what a planet really is -- watch and learn. Read More >>

Pluto Should Be Reinstated as King of the Dwarfs

Oh Pluto, not only are you no longer a planet, but were put into second place among your peers by something that's only the same size as you -- maybe even smaller. Read More >>

The Solar System's Newest Beach Spot Is an Icy One

One ticket to Pluto, please! Seems there's an ocean there just waiting to be discovered, surfed or lounged about. Don't worry about my well-being though—I'll be packing a sweater. Read More >>


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