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The Ancient Art of Perfect Gin: Our Visit to Beefeater and Plymouth

Gin just happens to be one of our favourite beverages. It's a versatile spirit with tons of variation between brands. And we were fortunate enough to see how two of the great gin producers of the ages—Beefeater and Plymouth—create it from scratch. Read More >>

Driver Faked CCTV Footage to Avoid Speeding Fine

Well, that was the idea. Plymouth man Roger Moore was caught speeding in a hire car, but decided that faking CCTV pics of his own car sitting on his drive would prove he'd already collected his car and driven home, and therefore was not the man hammering the hire car. Read More >>

EE In Hot Water Over "4G Is Here" Claim

EE might have just launched the UK's only 4G network, but it's not having the best of times right now. Not only is its "half-baked" backend system screwing new customer set ups, its now getting a bashing from Trading Standards, because no, 4G isn't here (yet), at least in Plymouth. Read More >>


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