A Cheap Nintendo 2DS With Pokemon is Your "Catch 'Em All, Again" Deal of the Day

Pokemon (formerly Pac-Man, or something) is still doing a roaring trade, introducing children to the wonders of evolution and, of course, gambling. Even though the media's fervour over these pocket monsters has died down, the video game world still adores this little creates that can propel fire out of their arses. Read More >>

This Nintendo Knock-Off is the Most Ridiculous Rip-Off Game I Think I've Ever Seen

OK, this is getting stupid. Games that instantly attempt to fleece you for £70 the moment you try to play should be banned. This particular beauty not only rips off Pokemon and Mario, but also attempts to milk your wallet at almost every turn. This genuinely is the most absurd thing in mobile gaming I think I've seen in a very long time. Read More >>

Nintendo's Released a Pokemon App for the iPhone, Is Mario Next?

It looks like Nintendo's broken with tradition and released a Pokemon app for the iPad and iPhone. It's only available in Japan, but it marks the first game-type release from Nintendo on tablets or phones. Does this mean it's going to 'pull a Sega' and release games for iOS and Android? Here's bloody well hoping so. Which Nintendo game would you like to see on your phone? [Pokemon via Kotaku] Read More >>

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This Fake Pokemon App That Doesn't Even Work Is the Dumbest Thing to Ever Happen to the App Store

A fake, completely unofficial and totally illegal port of Pokemon popped up on the App Store the other day and has been blazing through the App Store, even reaching the height of #2 in Top Paid apps. The problem? It doesn't even work. Read More >>

Multicellular Evolution Apparently Isn't That Tough and Only Takes 60 Days

Wait, I thought evolution was an interminably slow process requiring millions of years to make any noticeable difference? Apparently not if you're yeast. A research team has just announce that it's figured out how to evolve a single-celled organism into a multicellular animal just like a freakin' Pokemon. Read More >>


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