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Notes From the Frontline: “So, When Was the Last Time You Shot Anyone?”

By Matt Delito on at

Not long ago, I was in the United States on a short holiday. We ended up in Chicago, in a rather, well, ‘authentic’ pizza place. In the corner, there was a table of Chicago’s Finest. I’ve always been a little curious about how real-life policing happens in the colonies, so I asked if I could join them for a bit. “Uhm… Yeah”, one of them said, seemingly unsure.

Be a Policeman For a Day, Today, Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sussex Police is conducting an interesting interactive experiment today, putting out a live, multi-channel, multimedia broadcast of its team going about their business, both back in the station and out on the streets.

Notes From the Frontline: A Pinprick Is Nothing Like a Paper Cut

By Matt Delito on at

“GET BACK”, I scream at the top of my lungs, as I’m slowly shuffling backwards, away from the man facing me on the 7th floor landing in the council estate. Behind me is the stairway I just came up. To the right of me is a low black railing and a 70-foot drop. In front of me is a Customer. He seems dazed, confused, and absolutely furious. Something has happened to him, and he sobs, shouts, mumbles, drools, spits, and shouts some more. The words “Elise” and “I’m going to fucking kill him” keep being repeated.

Notes From the Frontline: Introducing London Copper Matt Delito

By Matt Delito on at

I slump back against a tree stump at the edge of the park, watching the two youths run off into the distance, only dimly aware of the device I’m holding in my hand. “Hello? Hello!?”. The little machine I’m holding is making sounds, but it only barely registers. Somehow, I hear my watch beep twice, signifying that it’s 3am.