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Notes from the Frontline: The Belgian Bike Burglar

As the bike shop owner was reading out the description, we were going through a red light, sirens blaring. Kim suddenly made a squeaking sound, and pointed at the intersection we had just gone through. I slammed on the brakes, and looked. True enough, there he was. Bright red T-shirt with a white logo on the front, and a bike that was gleaming in the bright midday August sun.

Notes From the Frontline: Just Another Friday

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"You know what we're going to have to do, don't you?", Kim said to me, as she shoved her notebook back into her stab-vest. I nodded, curtly. It looked like the rest of the shift was going to be a race against the wits of a 14-year-old.

Notes From the Frontline: Stopping and Searching

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"We've had a report of a group of six youths fighting with knives in Guy Street Park, descriptions to follow," the familiar voice of the CAD operator crackles on the radio. "We have one IC3 male, around five foot five, wearing a black hoodie and a red baseball cap". The CAD operator is relaying from the 999 call in progress. "We also have an IC3 male, skinny, around six feet tall, wearing a dark track-suit with a large NIKE logo, and an IC1 male wearing jeans and a red sweater. Several knives have been seen. More descriptions to follow."

Police to Get New 3D Laser Scanners For Motorway Smash-Ups

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Helping free the injured and clearing up accidents is only half the problem of car crashes on our motorways -- the police and traffic officers also have to catalogue the scene to work out what happened and who's going to pay for the mess. New 3D laser scanners should hopefully cut motorway closure times by capturing the scene in minutes, speeding up the laborious process dramatically.

Notes From the Frontline: It's a Riot

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There was glass everywhere. I could feel it sticking into my shoulders where it had gotten caught under my Met-Vest. It was gnawing into my sides. My eye felt... Odd... but there wasn't time to find out whether I'd been hit by a shard of glass there as well.

Notes From the Frontline: The A-Hole Who Dropped the N-Bomb

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“I have my first amendment rights!” the man shouted. “You can’t tell me what I can say and what I can’t say! You’ll hear from my embassy, you fucking nazis! This is the last time I’ll visit your stinking little island! Fuck you, get off me!” he screamed, as he was struggling against the two sets of handcuffs. He wasn’t a pretty sight.