Hats Off to Bill Gates: A Polio-Free India is £137 Million Well Spent

India is now officially polio free according to the country's health officials, and that's in no small part due to the philanthropic work of Bill Gates. He and his wife's charity donated $225 million (£137,340,000) to the cause, with the disease's eradication now the ex-Microsoft man's proudest achievement. Read More >>

Inside the Push to Wipe Out Polio From the Furthest Corners of Earth

If you live in North America or Europe, you don't worry much about polio. Thanks to vaccination, this terrible, paralysing disease has been eradicated in the first world. But far from these places, the poliomyelitis virus still lives. Wired accompanied the teams who hope to wipe out polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The story is compelling. Read More >>

The British Carmakers Who Fought a Polio Epidemic With Iron Lungs

Last month was the 100th anniversary of the first cars made by William Morris (1877-1963). The Morris-Oxford Light was a small car with a 1018 cc four-cylinder side-valve engine, made in 1913. But William Morris wasn't just a titan of the British car industry; he was also a philanthropist who manufactured and donated over 5,000 iron lungs to hospitals across the UK. Read More >>

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Watch an Awesome Man in a Wheelchair Build a Helicopter From Trash

This short documentary by Tyler Bastian and Cameron Trejo is called Everything is Incredible and well, it's pretty freaking incredible. It's about a man named Agustín from Honduras who can't walk, lives in poverty, yet still wants to fulfil a dream: to fly. He spends his days making a helicopter from trash. Read More >>


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