The Internet’s Biggest Enemies

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released its annual "Enemies of the Internet" index this week—a ranking first launched in 2006 intended to track countries that repress online speech, intimidate and arrest bloggers, and conduct surveillance of their citizens.Some countries have been mainstays on the annual index, while others have been able to work their way off the list.Two countries particularly deserving of praise in this area are Tunisia and Myanmar (Burma), both of which have stopped censoring the Internet in recent years and are headed in the right direction toward Internet freedom. Read More >>

The House of Commons Will Let Meryl Streep Film Her New Movie in its Chambers

A new Meryl Streep movie production will be afforded a rare privilege next month, becoming the first commercial crew to be allowed to film within the House of Commons. The Iron Lady star should feel right at home. Read More >>

Spitting Image Turns 30 -- Here are Our Five Favourite Moments

If you're a bit old, you might remember Sundays in the 1980s. They weren't very good. Everything was closed. They were usually quite foggy as Morrissey once accurately pointed out, plus the TV was full of sport, pages from Ceefax and Bullseye. The highlight was 10.00pm and the coming of Spitting Image, the first time anyone had ever laughed on a Sunday. Read More >>

China's New Research Station and the International "Rush" to Claim Antarctica

In 2048, a very important international event will occur: The Antarctic Treaty, which stops countries from mining the continent's abundant resources, will come up for review. China, the US, the UK, and other countries intend to be ready. Read More >>

Former Ukip Spokesman is Convicted "Kidnapping Gang Boss"

This week's Ukip membership scandal involves the case of Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto, who was, until recently, the Ukip Commonwealth spokesman. Bhutto has a grim past, though, being handed a seven-year jail term in 2005 for running a kidnapping gang in Karachi and collecting a £56k ransom. That's a bit too much madness even for Ukip, so he's out. [BBC] Read More >>

Spoilt House of Lords Peers Complain Over Massively-Subsidised Haute Cuisine

What did you have for lunch? A Greggs steak bake? A Tesco meal deal? A home-made tinfoil-wrapped tuna sandwich? Yum. Spare a thought then for the House of Lords peers who have to suffer heavily-subsidised foie gras and champagne risotto at their own private restaurant. Read More >>

Now World Leaders are Giving Speeches via Hologram

When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan couldn't make it to the city of Izmir last Sunday to give a speech, he wasn't too bothered—because he decided he'd give his presentation by hologram instead. Read More >>

High-Level Independent Review: NSA Phone Spying is Illegal, Should End

An independent review, by a board made up of high-level members, has concluded that the National Security Agency's long-running programme to collect phone records is illegal and should stop. Read More >>

MPs Complain Their Parliamentary Offices are Being Overrun by Mice

Three blind mice. See how they run. That might have been running through Conservative MP Pauline Latham's mind as she returned from her Christmas break to find her House of Commons office desk peppered with mouse droppings and urine. Read More >>

Mega's Raving Loony Kim Dotcom Launches Political Internet Party

This is the purple and disappointingly serious logo of the Internet Party, the latest idea from file-sharing king Kim Dotcom. And it's not the fun sort of party you might expect from the gregarious man, but a proper political one. He wants power. Power over taxes and immigration and what times the bins are collected. Read More >>

Obama Will Announce NSA Reforms on January 17

It's really happening folks. On January 17, Barack Obama will remark on "the outcomes of the work that has been done in the review process" for reforming the country's intelligence practices, Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday. Read More >>

Young Jobseekers Could Now be Encouraged to Take Work in Lap Dancing Clubs and Massage Parlours

On the dole and looking for work? Good news! The Government has widened the roles private companies can make available to jobseekers through the Department for Work and Pensions’ Work Programme. The catch? Many are in sleazy places like lap dancing clubs. Read More >>

Google Honours Nelson Mandela With Glory of Front Page Link

Googe's kept its Nelson Mandela tribute simple, opting to steer away from the doodle path and simply placing the man's name and a link to its Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project on its front page. The site is a digital depository of letters, images, timelines of his life and more. [] Read More >>

China's Claiming Territory by Calling Dibs on 800-Year-Old Shipwrecks

As China continues its controversial claim-staking throughout Asia, a corner of the academic world is becoming an unlikely focal point in the dispute: Archaeology. More specifically, the thousands of shipwrecks that litter the South China Sea—which China is aggressively claiming as evidence to back up its right to control the ocean. Read More >>

UK Considers Facebook Voting Option to Counter Mass Voter Apathy

Would the young people of the UK be more likely to vote at the next election if they could do so by clicking a big "LIKE" button beneath Nick Clegg's sad face? That's the hope of a new parliamentary committee, which is asking today's tech giants to come up with a bulletproof method to make internet voting a possibility. Read More >>

"Automated System" Blamed for David Cameron Following a High Class Escort Agency on Twitter

The prime minister appeared to have accidentally added a high class escort agency to his list of followed people on Twitter, although his people suggest it was some sort of accident and should not be considered an official endorsement of "Elite London Escort Agency" Carltons. Read More >>


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