Dyson Imagines Massive Floating Rubbish Vacuum to Suck up Man's Plastic Crap

James Dyson's sketched out the idea of a new form of sucking machine, one so large it requires a barge to house it. The idea being to set it free and let it "mine" rivers of all the floating plastic junk that's been chucked into them since man first invented plastics. Read More >>

Shocking Report Says Equivalent of 29,000 Deaths a Year are Caused by UK Air Pollution

Public Health England has released a complex report covering how air pollution impacts on the health of the nation, suggesting that the equivalent of 29,000 people per year may be dying from inhaling the man-made particles pumped out by cars, power stations and factories. Read More >>

China Offers Smog Insurance for Sight-Seeing Tourists Who Can't See

The agency, Ctrip.com, collaborated with Ping An, one of China's leading insurance companies, on the various smog safeguard packages. For just about £1-2, anyone visiting Xian, Harbin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or—the worst offender of all—Beijing is guaranteed a monetary return. There is a catch, though; you'll need to suffer at least two days of opaque pollution in a row to see any of that cash make its way back to your pocket. Read More >>

Smog is Forcing France to Rethink its Love of Diesel

Last week, the smog in Paris got so bad, city officials made public transit free and banned half the city's cars from the road. The vehicle ban only lasted a day, with the reduced traffic and changing weather patterns alleviating the smog situation. But why did the smog get so bad in the first place? Blame France's long love affair with diesel-powered vehicles—an affair the country will probably have to end, or at least modify, to prevent further smog emergencies. Read More >>

Paris's Smog Has Got So Bad That it's Making Public Transportation Free

Ah Paris—city of light, city of love, city of smog? Unusually warm spring weather has trapped diesel car emissions, blanketing much of France in noxious and dangerous air pollution. It's gotten so bad that officials in Paris are taking the radical next step of making public transportation, bike shares, and electric car shares free to use all weekend. Read More >>

China is Deploying Smog-Busting Drones So That its Airports Can Stay Open

With smog in Beijing so bad it's forced pilots to land blind and officials to shut the airport, China has unveiled a new plan to test drones that spray smog-clearing chemicals around fly-zones . How will it work? Read More >>

An EU Commision is Launching Legal Action Against the UK for its Pollution Levels

While the UK isn't the world's worst offender when it comes to pollution *cough Delhi cough Beijing cough*, some of its cities are still failing to hit the EU's clean air standard targets. And that means a slap on the wrist in the courts. Read More >>

The Worst Air Pollution in the World is NOT in Beijing

There have been lots of stories on Gizmodo lately about the poor quality of China's air. But, as the New York Times reports, Beijing's air pollution isn't even that bad... relatively speaking. "Lately, a very bad air day in Beijing is about an average one in New Delhi," says the Times in an article about the Indian city's smog. Read More >>

Scary Science Shows Sooty Air is More Poisonous Than We Thought

As if soot wasn't bad enough on its own, researchers shows it's a delivery system for super high concentrations of pollutants. Each particle acts like a magnet, collecting other toxic gases from the air and creating one jumbo-sized poison particle that bombards your lungs with nastiness. Almost makes your chest hurt just thinking about it. [Allegheny Front via Digg] Read More >>

Shocking Photos From the Water Sports Site of the Rio Olympics

Getty Images has published a fresh set of photos from the heavily polluted Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro—which is the site chosen for water sports at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The photos are frankly shocking, as the iconic bay will be the site of sailing events during the summer Olympic Games. Read More >>

Of Course, China's Bad Air is Polluting America's West Coast

The latest fear-mongering study about pollution in China has arrived, and it's frightening. According to a new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, bad air in China is blowing across the Pacific and polluting the West Coast of the United States. Scary! Read More >>

China Could Wash Away Smog With Artificial Rain Storms From Skycrapers

Airborne pollution is a major issue in China, with local hospitals opening up "smog clinics" and waves of city-dwellers migrating to more rural areas to escape. While Chinese officials are pursuing "cloud seeding" as a way to control pollution, a Zhejiang University professor thinks he has a better idea: Sprinklers. Big ones. Read More >>

Chinese Leaders Cut Steel Industry to Curb Pollution

For nearly a decade, China's burgeoning steel industry has spit out more than ten times the steel of Japan, the world's second largest producer. But that's quickly changing: as demand slows and China attempts to help the environment, a massive recession is hitting its steel country. Read More >>

China's Smog is So Bad that Hotels Now Give Guests Gas Masks

It's no secret that China is choking on smog, but the problem has become so bad recently that hotels have started issuing guests with gas masks to use during their stay. Read More >>

The Thames is Pumping London's Plastic Pollution out into the North Sea

While the surface of the Thames may look relatively clean these days, underneath the boat trippers lies a mass of discarded plastic, which is flooding out into the Thames Estuary and along into the North Sea. Read More >>

Scraping Decades of Grime, Car Exhaust, and Mould Off Rome's Colosseum

The Colosseum in Rome is being cleansed of car exhaust that has built up over decades, ever since Mussolini's ill advised decision to build a major road nearby. Read More >>


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