This Contraption Pops Just a Single Piece of Popcorn

Popcorn is already considered a healthy low-cal snack for dieters, but when you seriously need to shed the pounds, you'll want to replace your hot air popper with the Oncle Sam. It makes just a single piece of popcorn at a time, providing a four calorie snack that won't leave you feeling guilty at your next weigh-in. Read More >>

Sriracha Popcorn: Genius or MegaGenius?

You can put Sriracha on anything—eggs, sandwiches, noodles. It would probably even make human flesh taste delicious. Now The Oatmeal teamed up with food purveyor JD's to marry the scrumptious hot sauce with popcorn. Nobel Committee, are you paying attention? Read More >>

Drink Your Way Through The Dark Knight Rises With Popcorn Vodka

Have you ever had the problem of wanting to eat popcorn and consume hard spirits at the same time, but been defeated by the effort it takes to put a bag in the microwave? No? Well, even if you haven't, 360 Vodka is going to solve that problem by combining both in one potent/manly bottle. Read More >>

Archaeologists Discover 6,700 Year Old Popcorn

A discovery at a couple of archaeological mound sites in northern Peru has scientists believing that the people living there were eating popcorn almost 1,000 years earlier than previously reported. Read More >>

Too Early For Mince Pies It May be, But Mince Pie-Flavoured Popcorn Is OK. Right?

Citing years of research and development, Joe & Seph's flavoured popcorn has landed on Firebox's shelves. Novelty flavours such as mince pie; goat's cheese and black pepper; caramel, pepper and chilli, and caramel and espresso cost £6 for 130g bags. You'll be pleased to hear I've already requested a roast dinner flavour for the future. [Firebox] Read More >>


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