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The Pope Accidentally Kind-Of, Sort-Of, Said the Word 'Fuck' During a Blessing

The Pope is supposed to be God's mouthpiece on Earth. So either the man upstairs has a pretty good sense of humour, or somebody needs to wash Pope Francis's mouth out with soapy water. Read More >>

The Internet's a Gift From God, Claims Technically-Unaware Pope

The Pope's come out as an unlikely contributor to World Communications Day, suggesting the internet is "a gift from God" but one that "exceeds our capacity for reflection and judgement" thanks to its speed and omnipresence. Read More >>

Follow the Pope on Twitter for Less Time in Purgatory

Things you can do to get time off of Purgatory: help the poor, volunteer, and now... follow the pope on Twitter. Read More >>

This Is the Porn That Gets Downloaded in the Vatican

It can get lonely in the Vatican: with a population of just over 800, sometimes it's inevitable that nobody will want to hang out with you. Which might explain this list, which details the porn that's been downloaded in the Vatican recently. Read More >>

How a Pope's Chalice Is Made

I don't know why I find something so mundane so fascinating but I can't get enough of watching Argentinian silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols create a chalice for Pope Francis. It's incredible just to see his hands and tools shape what will be the cup for the holiest man in the world. Read More >>

The Pope Deserved a Better Leaving Gift Than This Comic Sans Photo Album

Officials at the Vatican were faced with a tough question when the Pope announced his retirement: what do you get God's Rottweiler as a leaving present? Read More >>

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This is Everything You Need to Do to Become Pope

The Pope's stepping down, and technically any Catholic man can become the one closest to God. But, why would you want to? How about immense wealth, power, and your very own police force and principality? Yeah, sounds awesome. So, how exactly do you go about doing that? [CGPGrey] Read More >>

The Pope Didn't Technically Send That First Tweet Himself

When the Pope tweets, people listen. And watch, apparently. And... applaud? Sure, why not! Here's Benedict XVI, in all his divine glory, sending out his first 140-character missive to the massive. Read More >>

The Pope's First Tweet Is Frankly Underwhelming

The pope has been on Twitter for some time, but he's only now posted his first tweet. Sadly, it's rather underwhelming. Read More >>

Pope Joins Twitter: Prepare to Receive Some 140-Character Papal Knowledge

Following hot on the heels of other such famous figures as David Cameron and Chris Brown, Pope Benedict XVI is bringing the holy presence to bear on Twitter, preparing to send down nuggets of heavenly wisdom in a more digestible format. Read More >>

The Pope Gets Hit Squarely Between the Eyes By a Dot-XXX Porno Cybersquatter

It seems Richard Branson’s not the only famous target of porno cybersquatters, the Pope’s fallen under their crosshairs too. To make matters worse for his papalness, not only is the cybersquatter trying to mire his name in the smut; the domains are also punting a competitor to his "one-true religion" in the form of Islam. Read More >>

Anonymous Vents Its Anger on the Vatican

Looks like Anonymous has been lashing out after its betrayal by Sabu, venting its anger on the heads of the Catholic church. The Italian branch of the wounded-but-not-dead hacking group took down the Vatican site and put up a long list of crimes and misdeeds the church was responsible for throughout history. Read More >>

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The Pope Officially Has the Worst Twitter Name of All Time

The Pope, divine mouthpiece of God himself and owner of vast riches and influence, has taken to Twitter. Half holy, half Kardashian, Hitler Youth graduate Benedict XVI is now social mediafied. So why is his Twitter handle so unbelievably weird? Read More >>


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