People Actually Watch Less Porn on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, a day when those of us who have significant others are obligated to spend time with them. Logic says that the rest of us go straight home after work and spend the night enjoying the most romantic porn we can find. Right? Untrue! People actually watch less porn on Valentine's Day. Read More >>

Always Clear the Porn From Your Browser History Before Going on TV

Someone over in the production department at Chicago's WGN news station is apparently learning about internet best practices the hard way today. This very unlucky employee managed to get their little Pornhub Mobile habit splashed all over the local news—and naturally, the internet took notice. Read More >>

The UK Keeps it up for Longer According to Porn Site Use Stats

Pornhub is, so they say, a web site designed to let people access pornography. It has released some user stats, breaking down search results and critical viewing duration information by country and town. And it turns out we do like Mondays, as that's when everyone tunes into CBoobies the most. Read More >>

The Year in Porn, According to PornHub's Porn Charts

As happens every December, the internet's spent the past month basking in the warm glow of nostalgia, and at long last, our illustrious friends over at PornHub have joined the year-in-review bandwagon. What did these intrepid naked number crunchers discover? Read More >>

The 11 Days of the Year When People Watch the Least Amount of Porn

You don't have to pretend here. It's a safe space. Everybody watches porn on the Internet. It's the real reason why the Internet exists. But do you know the days when people watch the least amount of porn? (you might be familiar with their work) released statistics from 2012 that show when it got the least amount of traffic and found out the 11 days when we watch the least amount of porn. Read More >>

Watch Porn on Pornhub to Donate Money to Breast Cancer Research

You'll never feel better about watching porn (other than the last time you watched porn) on Pornhub because the site just announced that it will donate money for every porn video watched in the month of October. It's for breast cancer research—a great, great cause. Read More >>

How Much Porn Does the Internet Hold?

For as much as we try to ignore and segregate it from our daily surfing, the fact remains that porn is the life-blood of the Internet. But how much sexy sex is actually moving through the series of tubes? Read More >>


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