London Post Office Railway Reopening as a Tourist Attraction in 2020

London's Islington council has approved plays by Royal Mail to turn part of its relatively unknown underground postal railway into a tourist attraction, with letter, train and tunnel nerds able to come together to enjoy travelling a remodelled part of the line by the year 2020. Read More >>

Post Office Computer Bugs May Have Wrongly Sent Staff to Prison

The Post Office's computer systems have been found to be a little buggy, which won't be much compensation to the 100+ sub-postmasters who've been accused of defrauding the PO and prosecuted for lying in their books. Read More >>

Amazon to Deliver Parcels to Over 5,000 Cornershops

Amazon has stepped up its game, allowing you to pick up your orders from over 5,000 cornershops and newsagents up and down the country, further blurring the line of being just another online retailer. Read More >>

Royal Mail Might Earn Those Enormous Price Increases by Making GPS Better

The Royal Mail is putting its fleet of vans and people to work in a clever new way, using the daily rounds of its crews in East Anglia to augment existing GPS data and add super-accurate details of every property to a new database of addresses. Read More >>

Contactless Payments Coming to the Countryside, Thanks to Post Office NFC Roll-Out

The never-ending line of slow-moving eBay sellers in your local Post Office might soon shuffle along a little quicker, thanks to the Royal Mail's imminent launch of contactless payment options. Read More >>

The Post Office Goes Tits-Up Nationwide After Computer Crash

It looks like the Post Office is having yet more issues, and again they’re pretty serious. The whole of the UK’s 11,800 Post Offices have been taken offline due to a central computer system crash, which kicked off at midday making the place even more miserable than usual. Read More >>

Post Office System Failure Heaps on the Festive Misery

The Post Office's national IT network suffered a couple of outages yesterday, making the simple act of JUST TRYING TO POST SOMETHING even more depressing and long-winded than usual. Read More >>


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