365 Days of Weather in 35 Cities, all in a Single Beautiful Image

Next time your weather forecast predicts the blizzard of the century, you could gaze at this gorgeous weather visualisation and find where in the world you should be vacationing. (Spoiler: it's probably somewhere sunny like California.) The designers at Raureif, masterminds behind a successful weather app, have gone analogue—packing a whole year's worth of global weather into one amazing poster. Read More >>

170 Years of Music Player History in One Glorious Chart

The beautifully obsessive folks at Pop Chart Lab have a knack for making gorgeous visual histories of things we love, like bicycles, cameras and beer. The lab's latest is just as lovely: a hand-illustrated view of how we've listened to music since 1840. Take a closer look at what you've been hearing. Read More >>

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Even Don Cheadle Looks Badass in Iron Man 3

Looks like the Iron Patriot's gotten a massive upgrade since his debut. Shiny new suit, technically a new actor, and a badass-looking weapon strapped to his back. Apparently he's got to protect the President while Stark's off blasting bad guys and having oodles of, errr, fun in Iron Man 3, so it's good job he's armed to the teeth. Read More >>

Can You Identify All the Best Picture Oscar Winners Looking at this Cool Poster?

Olly Moss has designed this awesome poster just in time for the 2013 edition of the Oscars—it has all the Best Picture Academy Awards for the past 85 years, each of them represented by its main character. It's quite a feat. Read More >>

I Want This Toy Star Fighter Poster

Fab toy photographer Avanaut has made this beautiful poster of old spaceships from his childhood. They look beautiful: Read More >>

A Poster With 50 Shades of Grey for That Special Someone in Your Life

You dirty-minded person. This isn't some poster celebrating the many achievements of Christian Grey to put up on the wall of your BDSM dungeon; it's an invaluable tool for your inner decorator. So stop giggling, yes, you there, at the back! Read More >>

Posters That React to Being Kissed Are the Worst Idea Ever

Ah, Japan, you crazy-ass country you. As if your advertising wasn't surreal enough already, the advent of posters that react to being kissed has taken things into a whole new league. Read More >>

Check Out the Official Lego Avengers Movie Poster

Given my life-long love affair with Lego and my life-long love affair with the Avengers — Avengers #159 was the first comic book I remember buying as a little kid — it's no surprise that I get excited just by looking at this poster. Read More >>


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