"Mashtag" Potato 3.0 Redesign Beta Rolling Out in March

Birds Eye has invented a new form of food for nutritional gurus, in the shape of Mashtags. Or, as the packaging suggests, Mas#tags, the #New and #Tasty potato shapes. Serving suggestion: Listlessly push them around a chipped plate while feeling sad and not as hungry as you were when you put them in the oven and willing your phone to do something interesting. Read More >>

This Potato Bazooka Delivers the World's Most Fearsome Frozen Food

Any mischief-maker worth his property damage knows a thing or two about using spud-based projectile weaponry. Our good pal Joerg Sprave is no different, though his weapon of choice uses wood and rubber bands instead of PVC and hairspray. Read More >>

happy hour
Ten Crazy Things People Use to Make Booze

Sometimes you just don't have the right resources to make a decent drink. But if you get enough sober, thirsty minds focused on the problem, humans can find some pretty creative ways to come up with alcohol. Read More >>

Shove This Insane Contraption on Your Head to Cook Potatoes

I love potatoes as much as the next guy. Maybe even more than the next guy. But I cross the line at putting a bucket on my head to cook a few spuds. Well, unless I was cooking au gratin potatoes. Read More >>


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